About Robin in Va

I love words and word pictures, word play, encouraging words, loving words, even a rant from time to time. At my age I’m happy to say I’m discovering new and different things all the time. I think a person ought to learn something new, everyday. Mostly, I do. Picture me a round person with a Wisconsin accent even though we spent 18 years in Texas, 3 in California, and I was born in Alabama. Moving around has made me all the more happy to settle in.

Now I’m Robin in Va.

It’s all relative:

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Bob, since 1973. He is quiet, patient, cute, wise, talented, and the best father to our daughter, Kate…who is better than we deserve. She is married to John, the best son-in-law in the world, which is good, because the world is their playground.

What’s the M for? My middle initial is important to me. It stands for my maiden name of Moehrke, not my middle name of Marie.

I’ve been a large round person since I was born. I’m not fine with it, but I don’t obsess. My nephew once said he thought the reason God made me big was because I had too much talent to fit in a skinny body. Bless his heart!

I have nieces and nephews I love dearly. They are mostly grown, or nearly so. I try not to embarass them so I don’t usually write about them.

My family is all over the USA. I’m the eldest of 5 and my parents are still home in Wisconsin.

Left to right: Gail, John, Dad, Mom, Marianne, Daniel, Robin.

I love to read, garden, sew, write, and learn something new every day. I have worked as a hotel housekeeper, waitress, drapery seamstress, fabric store clerk, sales associate, office manager, administrative assistant, executive assistant, and church administrator. My husband and I have owned our own businesses. For me, work is play, and play is work.

We’ve moved. A lot. I enjoying sharing what I’ve learned about making a home. Here are some of the places my husband and I have lived:


  • Delavan
  • Platteville
  • Benton
  • Cuba City
  • Milwaukee
  • Hartland
  • Mukwonago
  • North Prairie
  • Waukesha


  • Los Alamitos


  • San Antonio
  • Kirby
  • Hollywood Park


  • Woodbridge
  • Stephens City

We have made homes at 20 addresses during our married life. If there’s anything I know well, it’s moving.

Most of all, I love the Lord, with all my heart, and with all my soul.

My life scripture is: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

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