On reading instead of writing


Oh dear, you’d think I would have updated my poor blog that I really do love so much—I’m reading more than thinking about writing, which all good writers say is a must.

So, some thoughts about reading.

I’ve restricted myself to library books, no purchased books for budgetary reasons, obviously. I’m a person who takes joy in owning books so this is difficult and I do look forward to the day when I can splurge on a few that my library does not yet have. It’s a battle of the budget and willpower.

You should not edit or mark in library books. I keep running across someone who does just that. It’s distracting and annoying that someone feels I might not be smart enough to flow right across the obvious. I have to say I take a little joy in finding my own typos but it’s no fun if someone points them out.

Use your rules: But don’t be afraid to adjust them. My new rule is that I’d rather not read anything written with misspelled words to indicate an accent. I can’t stand this. It’s unnecessary. So I do a quick glance through the pages to see if I spot this technique.

I use Goodreads.com to track my reading. It’s helpful when I go to the library to check my lists, especially for authors I want to read. I wish I had this years ago. I also wish I had done what my mother has done for years and years and keep a book diary. She has every book she’s read in a notebook with a small review and character reminders. I’m not sure how many notebooks she has filled, but it’s probably quite a few.

By the way my reading challenge this year I set for 52 books. I am well ahead at 49 books and that’s after taking off the three books I hated and didn’t really read all the way through or “skip read” which means I just read chapters here and there.

I read in the mornings but also at night instead of TV, which is a vast wasteland these days. I’m reading about two books per week at this point. I used to be reading obsessed and nothing else got done but I can put my book down and take care of the garden chores, make dinner, play with the cats, etc.

I’ll write more about my awful book list and why later, realizing of course what I think doesn’t really matter to anyone but me. I have favorites too. What are you reading?


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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