Practice safe computering

Please tell me you know you should be changing your passwords? Often. As often as every 6 weeks would be ideal, but twice yearly would be a good place to start. And you know you should not make all your passwords the same?

It’s really not as brilliant as you think to make all your passwords the same. At all. Don’t do it.

But how do you keep track? There’s online password trackers you can find, but I like a Password Keeper I can secure…with a password. My original file is excel but here’s a pdf file of the Password Keeper to print out and keep updated with everyday pen or pencil. Don’t forget to date changes.

I categorize logins and passwords. I keep Financial types together, Utility types together, email, shopping, and social media together. You might need just one set of these printed or you could need many! Just don’t forget to write them down!

In the case of software logins and passwords, such as for Virus Scan software or your Office Suite software, etc. you may need to record some of the basic info about your hardware but I’d suggest printing that directly or taking a screen shot of keys, settings, etc. Keep everything in a binder. You may want to keep a section for each computer or each computer user. Assuming you all make a solemn privacy and security oath to practice safe computering.

Not kidding.

Email safety is also of concern. Do not download any files from anyone you do not know and run scans on those you do get. Do not forwards chain emails, especially if they contain graphics that may contain tracking codes and other spybots that will be stored in your computer. Delete as soon as possible. I promise you will still be loved, you will still have the same amount of luck as you had before, and nothing awful will befall you, at least not from not forwarding an email.

Also beware of scams that ask you for your name, address, phone or other personal info. Do not send your personal info off to anyone. Most reputable companies do not do business this way. If they do, I find an alternate way to inquire, update, or otherwise provide information that might be needed. The phone for instance, or a quick stop into an office.

It’s really sad we find ourselves with the amazing technological world that we do have to protect ourselves from and be wary. But it’s just good sense. And, safe computering is happy computering.

Please share your tips for safe computering, and for keeping your tech world organized.

My assistant, Boomer


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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