Pig think

“I’m looking for suckling pig to roast at my party,” the woman on the phone said. “We’ll have about 35 people so I think we need at least two or so.”

Pausing to collect my thoughts and rein in the spike of ire that went through my body, I very politely told the caller we do not have suckling pigs for sale for roasting. But only because the company that does our slaughtering does not scald hogs, they skin them. Skin is required for a proper roasting pig.

There’s something that is a little offensive about that kind of call. I work for a farm that is Certified Humane® What part of suckling pig is humane? Taking a baby pig away from its mother before it’s weaned? Killing it and roasting? That’s just wrong and not logical.

We might not think of pigs needing humane treatment, or understand that very often they don’t get humane treatment. It’s the nature of the pig. Dirty, lazy, sloppy, all words associated with pigs. Even in my world we don’t use the word pig after slaughter. It’s pork which elevates it to food I guess. As a nation of people who love bacon, ribs, BBQ, pulled pork, and ham, it’s hard to get people to connect the dots between the food on their plates and the animals raised for food.

Recently, I became aware of a horrendous video made by the Humane Society featuring abuse of pigs and how they are treated on factory farms, most especially how female pigs are kept in tight cages barely able to move. If you are image driven like me, I suggest you just take my word for it. It’s disturbing. It made me weep.

So my thoughts are for how committed do I personally intend on being? Will I buy cheap factory made bacon to save a buck? Or will I be committed and seek out farmers and processors who care and respect the animals that give their lives for livelihood?




About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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