Shut the old door

We just replaced an old aluminum storm door on our house. When we bought the house, most of the interior had been remodeled but the exterior had pretty much been left alone. The house had one of those old style half moulded timber, half wavy edged window, fake iron hardware, butt banging ranch home doors that was quick to close but never really shut. The storm door was in a hurry to close but barely latched and the wind would cause a thump thump thump all day long. It’s no wonder Boomer jumped whenever he was within tailshot, and we still have last fall’s collection of stinkbugs in the house.

For a long time, not realizing that the latch really didn’t hold the door shut, I blamed my husband for not shutting the door all the way. I kept asking him to pull the door shut.

“Can’t you pull the door shut behind you?” I’d nag.

“I did.” He’d say.

“Please be sure the door is shut when you go in and out.” I’d quote the common courtesy book of rules. I could feel him rolling his eyes.

“The door isn’t shut again, I hate that door,” I’d say to no one in particular. I started noticing other homes and their storm doors and realized how far storm doors had come since the last time I needed to pay attention, which was 20 years ago when we lived in Wisconsin. Full glass storm doors seem to be in style, even my parents have had one for years. That’s what I wanted.

That’s what I got for Christmas, and it’s installed now. I love the new door. Mostly. Sunlight streams in, there’s a full view out, and, guess what? There’s a full view in! No more hiding the bottom half of my pajama clad self, or the stack of stuff waiting to be carried out to the car. Now there are cat nose prints in a row on two levels, inside and outside. And, I think I noticed the door doesn’t always stay latched. I’ve had to pull it shut sometimes.

Be careful what you wish for. The new and improved, the step up, doesn’t mean there won’t be problems. They’re just different. They may even be as annoying and challenging as before but they’ll look better because they’re new.

Are you like me, wished for a new job and when you got one, it’s not all that? Wished for a new place to live, and it’s not all that? Wished for new people in your life and they disappoint? What’s the common denominator? My finger is pointing at me.

The door, the job, the place, the people, all may change, be new and improved, but unless I change the results will likely stay the same. This is what I’m praying about, this is where my thoughts are working. There’s no way I’d like to put the old door back up on the house. It’s just done. It’s being re purposed. The old familiar hinge positions are gone. The new door can be adjusted and so can I.


Thanks for stopping by to read my posts. I’m going to be combining my two blogs soon. I’m not sure if my wordpress blog is moving here, or this one is moving there. One is older, the other is nicer looking…


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Shut the old door

  1. Bruce says:

    Very well said my dear friend. My thoughts are similar these days.

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