Do more, resolved for 2012

Resolutions, or motivational words are on my mind today. Last year, besides resolutions, I decided my “word” would be “do.” I actually had more success with that than the resolutions. It was easy. The bare minimum of day to day living resulted in at least a little “doing.” What did I do? My best do list includes:

Got a mammogram
Got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
Got a new garden and planted stuff
Got my husband to go on vacation to the Homeland
Got a full time J-O-B

Plenty of doing, none of which were my resolutions. We didn’t find a church, I didn’t get smarter about writing, I did even less in fact, and I for sure didn’t learn to knit socks! And, I might add, knitting socks is almost as important as finding a church. My feet suffer socks. Regular store bought socks don’t fit my feet. The tops are too tight and pinch my swollen ankles. The heels in most socks slip downward. Some socks are too coarse and make my feet sore. I really need to learn to knit custom made socks. The same goes for finding a church in a strange way…but more about that in another post.

If I evaluate the year on what I didn’t do, I’m miserable and a failure and that’s just what the enemy would have me believe and focus on. I’m not having that. I did not have a failure of a year. Far from it.

So, I am sticking with those same resolutions, because I still want to accomplish those things. But, what I learned from my “do” focused New Year…do became the small voice in the back of my mind when a new decision had to be made. The two letter word was often enough to push me to action. So I’m adding a new word this year…more…more writing, more church, more health. And look how great it goes with do….

Happy Do More Year!



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Do more, resolved for 2012

  1. behammond says:

    Do more going to visit San Antonio friends. 😉

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