Christmas is December 25th every year

So why does it catch people so offguard?

Here it is December 24th and I’m hoping to get all our Christmas cards done so they can go in the mail on Monday. I started weeks ago but there was no time to finish. At least I didn’t take or make the time. Instead, work was the main focus. I had forgotten what retail related work was like. It’s a lot like church related work especially around holidays like Christmas. People get crazy, demanding, and thoughtless even in their efforts to BE thoughtful.

Making magic happen for folks is fun most of the time. Most appreciate the big and small efforts. It’s not fun when things go wrong, when people get demanding, or even bully for things to go their way, for their emergency to become mine. This week, it was as important to stay prayed up as it ever was as a church worker. The enemy doesn’t want anyone to enjoy, be successful, or honor in any way the birth of Christ. I think that’s why we lose track, we forget, we exhaust ourselves in the diversion of work and a long list of must haves and must do’s. We put the wrong things first.

I’m choosing to finish our Christmas letter and handwrite our cards tonight as a way to gather our dear friends and family close to my heart. These are the ones I should have put first weeks ago. They are the ones I miss and want to hug, the ones I want to kiss on the forehead once again and say “I love you” and make magic happen for them instead of strangers.

My husband and I are spending a quiet Christmas together, resting and recouping, regrouping. In the solitude of this Holy Night, my heart is restoring and I remember it’s not just December 25th Jesus is mine. Jesus is mine every day.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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