Sew sew sew

I used to sew like I breathe, all the time. I’ve been able to earn a living sewing at certain points in my life and one of my first jobs was in a drapery workroom where I learned oh so much about life as well as sewing. That’s where I learned, “it’s not sewing if there’s no blood in it.”

I learned to sew from my mother, doll clothes at first by hand, then graduated on to her sewing machine. I never took sewing in school except for the required home economics class in high school. In college, my dorm was filled with Home Ec majors so there was plenty of sewing around me. The first real sewing class I had, was a tailoring class I took with my mother right after I bought my first sewing machine. We made men’s suits…for my wedding. She made my dad’s. I made my husband’s. After we were married, in a strange city, I took in sewing and stayed pretty busy doing mending and sewing everything from banners to funeral clothes.

My greatest experience was gained when I worked for a national chain fabric store over a ten-year period back in the 80’s. I sewed plenty, but bought even more. My stash still contains some of those fabrics and they’ve been moved across the country and back.

I haven’t always had time or a place to sew. In fact there was at least a five-year period where I didn’t sew at all, forced to keep everything packed away. I didn’t even mend. One day I found myself standing in front of a fabric store looking in the window and tears started falling down my face. I missed sewing! Ralph’s Daughters was born then and I found a way to keep my sisters and me, busy, sewing creatively, and earning a few bucks.

Flash forward to the here and now and I’m missing sewing again. I had a spurt earlier in the year when I decided that all gifts this year will be handmade, in fact, all gifts this year would be a tote bag for whoever I was giving a gift. My goal is to use my stash and try not to buy anything new unless I absolutely have to. I’m behind a little but I’m bound and determined to catch up.  I’m cleaning up my office/sewing room and getting ready to jump in again.

Denim and drapery print combined to make a cross body not quite a messenger style bag. With kitty button.

Since I found Pinterest, I’ve created an inspiration board. I’ve also found some blogs I enjoy and I’m inspired by. I’ll add the links over in my right hand bar for you to check out.

Sewing gives me peace and takes me to the flow state like gardening or writing does. I think it has to do with being creative, but also, there’s a sense of process, order, skill, and hopefully, success and excellence. It can be painful from a pin prick or painful from a mistake or disappointing result. For me, no sewing hurts my heart. The fact is, it is true, it’s not sewing if there’s no blood.




About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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3 Responses to Sew sew sew

  1. So wonderful to be so passionate about something. Some people live their entire lives and, never
    know passion!

  2. nance marie says:

    i see that you have a knack for this sewing thing. i like fabric and the many prints on cotton. if i see a tote photo or something, i will send it to you, just for fun.

  3. Robin Arnold says:

    Thank you both for stopping by. Nance I’d love to have your suggestions so just Pinterest me.

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