Let’s hit the high spots

Moehrke Family – Delavan Wisconsin – July 2011

Writing regularly this summer was a goal I’ve failed to achieve. The lazy hazy days of summer in the Blue Ridge never really materialized. In fact my days have been full tilt busy. We’ve been busy with family and projects. We also traveled a bit, going to Wisconsin (our homeland) to meet the newest member of the family who eloped-in with my niece back in February, and for family reunions, and for our high school reunion. Our days were a whirlwind of people, places, and things, less than restful, and not at all quiet. The return home has been much the same. I thought I’d post some things I’ll likely jump off from for future blog posts.

  • I got a hand written thank you note yesterday in the mail. It’s like a big paper hug and I’ve positioned it close by to admire and read. It just makes me want to write a thank you note for this thank you note. Not to mention, to tell the sweetie who wrote it how marvelous I think she is. As I was basking in the glow of the note it made me wonder if I’ve done as good a job sending notes? Have you?

  • We got the chance to sit around the deck and patio at my sister’s house, all together except for three who couldn’t be there. For fun we had a white elephant exchange of treasures from my parents. We had a great time together and we love our newest member. He fits right in. At one point I looked around and felt incredible love and admiration for everyone there. We are lucky to have each other.

  • My mother-in-law decided to sell her house and move to a senior apartment community. It’s time to have less to worry about, less to care for. It’s time for life to be easier. She called the family together and got everyone’s blessing. So the transition has begun. She is 750 miles away and we are struggling with how helpful we can and should be. My mother-in-law lived in the house since 1978. We are the only ones with recent move and house selling experience. All the others have been at the same addresses nearly since they left home. Just when we thought she might be in for a long wait to sell, her house sold in NINE days. That my friends, is the power of prayer. Our prayer now is for the next stage to go smoothly.

  • We went to our 40th high school reunion. I know, you thought we were younger but alas, we are indeed, 40 years out of high school. We had a great time visiting with our old friends which was made much more comfortable by how many of them are my Facebook friends. Seriously. It also was much more comfortable because of the setting and the organization. It made a huge difference. The only thing we would have changed was the weather, but summer seems made for reunions, yes?

  • We have a mess going in our house right now following a plumbing repair. Things are out of order, a little dirty, and further repairs have yet to happen. I can’t do anything about that big project but I can do other things. For instance, I washed the windows in my office. Clean windows cheered things up considerable and helped me relax a bit. Even Boomer seemed to appreciate them. And, I went ahead and hired a job out that needed to be done. What I learned from the plumbing repair is that there are perfectly amazing craftsman out there that want and need work. Do-it-yourself isn’t the answer for everything.

That’s everything on my mind at the moment. Just a hit of the high spots, as my Dad would say. Always an advocate for thorough work and an excellent job, my Dad would move us along with the idea that sometimes it’s just necessary to hit the high spots with the promise to go back later and do a better job. Here we are in August, summer has nearly flowed right out from under us. It has been pretty memorable. Has yours?



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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