Gus & Marie

Hello Loves!

Quite some time ago, my sister sent me a copied page of old family pictures. I quickly glanced at them and tucked the page back in the envelope for safe keeping during our moves. I’m the eldest so I’ve seen them all before. When I came across the big envelope recently I pulled the slick paper out and took a long look. I’ve never seen this photo! This is a picture of my Dad’s parents, August (Gus) and Marie Moehrke. I’m not sure where or when it was taken but I’m guessing the mid to later 1950’s. There is nothing written on the back of the photo so I’ll have to ask my Dad if he knows anything about this picture.

Here’s what I know and a little of what I guess about this picture. My grandpa always had a whiskery face. He invented the look that all the hip and trendy men are wearing. And, he invented baggy pants but always wore suspenders. Grandpa had hands that worked hard. They were rough and his arms were tan. Not as tan as my other grandfather that worked in construction. No, this Grandpa worked in a factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This set of grandparents were the huggier, more affectionate grandparents. My grandmother threw her arms around you and pulled you in tight and kissed your cheeks and the top of your head and always, your corners…those places on the top of your forehead where your hair begins. She smelled of powder and brown sugar. In fact, Grandma would take us to the pantry to the big glass jar where the brown sugar was stored and let me and my brother pick out a few lumps. She spoiled us rotten. We adored her.

Look at how she is hugging Grandpa with abandon, in public, and it’s so intimate, and charming, and precious! Her face is glowing and happy to have her picture taken with the love of her life. I wonder who took the picture? It seems such an intimate moment but it’s likely there were a bunch of family behind the camera, gabbing, joking, teasing the smiles from these grands. I think this was taken at a family picnic or an outing of some sort.

I’m not going to guess about my grandmother’s outfit. I’m not sure I know whether she sewed her own clothes but what she has chosen to wear is not conservative and not quiet is it? It actually looks like it would be fashionable today. The skirt flares out at the bottom and the jacket has a shawl collar, or maybe even a hoodie. My grandma rocked a hoodie?!

This picture makes me happy. It brightens faded memories and feels like a hug from the past. It also makes me proud to be their grand-daughter. Hello loves!

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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