Reassessing tech & social needs

Obviously, I’m not taking much time on the Internets lately. Blogging hasn’t even gotten close to the top of my chore list. I’m barely checking e-mail…but who am I kidding…I haven’t gotten much e-mail lately, even though I monitor at least 4 business addresses. And, if it weren’t for checking Facebook a couple of times a day, I’m a no-show for social media.  I am seriously considering eliminating my Twitter account. Am I serious? Maybe.

I’ve gone from consistently using no less than 3 computers down to one computer. In booting up my laptop and netbook this last weekend I was shocked by how many updates I was behind. Between OS updates and software updates, it took nearly 2 hours to get things up to speed, then I shut them down, and there they sit, lonely laptops barely keeping warm.

There are a couple of reasons for not needing more than one computer most days. I work at home most of the time now, especially this winter, so I’m not on the road or working in client spaces, or maintaining an office elsewhere. I went ahead and bought the latest Office suite for my main desktop which eliminates the need to boot up my laptop. I also don’t do as many web meetings so I don’t use a web cam much either. (I wonder if others are getting tech fatigue too?)

And, my Palm Pre pretty much is either uncharged or out of range most of the time which has more to do with my provider. In fact when I last checked my phone there were two texts waiting for me dated two days ago. I used to carry my phone all the time. I ate dinner with my phone. I slept with my phone. Now, my friends and family would probably be surprised to know I sometimes leave the house without my phone, and I don’t panic.

Do I need an iPad? Do I need a Nook Color? Do I need an iPod? Sure, I admit I have craved and coveted them, but, I’m living without them for now, happy to let others be the proving ground. Happy to let my lifestyle and workload tell me what it needs and not the other way around.

Sometimes we think we need the latest and greatest. Sometimes we spend precious budget money on gizmos and gadgets under the guise of needing the tool for our work, or to improve our quality of life. Really? Or will the gadget give us an excuse to have avoided the work we have or accept more than we can handle? Or avoid fellowship and relationships with our fellow humans? It’s a legitimate question I think.

Do you ever experience tech fatigue? What can’t you live without, what can be set aside or passed on?

Photo: My geeky attempt at a birthday card for my Dad, 2009. Visible, my PC, laptop, and server screens. Pic taken by my able assistant with my Treo.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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