Celebrating my birthday week-With Updates

I usually declare an entire birthday week for my deserving friends and family, but want them to ignore my birthday. That’s just the way I am. As queen of Introverts I just want to not be any kind of center of attention for any reason. I also don’t want to face my age number so if you know it, please don’t say it out loud.


But…I have a need for order, and a need for accountability and deadlines as tools to gain certain order over procrastination. So I AM declaring my own birthday week, and I’m going to celebrate each day with accomplishing a few things on my procrastination list which has only been getting longer lately. The nerd in me will be happy to celebrate these accomplishments. I still don’t want to face the age number though.


Celebrate with me if you have a list of things you need or want to get done. Let’s work our lists together. It will be like the perfect introverts party. Thank you/You’re Welcome.

What’s on your list of procrastinations? First up for me, call the chimney sweep, and the landscaper to get the pile of dirt moved. Then, spreadsheet work, followed by Christmas cards.
  1. Did get the chimneys cleaned, but didn’t get a landscaper yet, maybe tomorrow.
  2. I found our insurance stuff and got us hooked up online, plus I made myself a doctor’s appointment.
  3. The spreadsheet did get done but now they want more so I’m not checking that off the list yet.
  4. Found my missing Advent calendar, but not my stored Christmas Cards. Yet.
  5. Ironed my pile of ironing. You laugh. My daughter actually grew out of clothes before they could be ironed. My husband irons his own shirts. I very dislike ironing.
  6. Haircut is on the list for tomorrow.
  7. Washed the rugs although this seems stupid since Boomer hasn’t stopped urping up his dinner on a regular basis. Still, it is nice to know they are clean under my beslippered feet.
  8. Talked to two friends this week that I should have been more encouraging and supportive of and now realize I have ministry in their lives. Sometimes the door doesn’t close, but should remain open so you can help pull them forward. Reach out. Regularily.
  9. Read some blogs, Tweeted a bit, keeping the words twirling in my head. I’m working on a short story. Or it’s working on me!
Come on, share, have you worked on your procrastination list?

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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2 Responses to Celebrating my birthday week-With Updates

  1. jasonS says:

    Happy birthday week, Robin. Don't worry about the age number. As long as it keeps going up, you're doing it right. 🙂

  2. Robin Arnold says:

    My sister-in-law didn't just say the number, she wrote it in a card. I had to avert my eyes. Thanks for stopping by Jason!

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