Return to words

Oy. What a month October was. What a month the start of November has been. Time change, fall back, free falling back some more, through work, through life, trying to do what needs to be done to put the brakes on, like coasting down an Allegheny mountain and southward into our Shenandoah Valley home. First a two week trip to Wisconsin then a week to get some control over that, that did not get done. There’s barely been breathing room and one of my jobs is seasonal, Thanksgiving seasonal so it’s control now before out of control gets more than out of control.

Today I had a little time for reading. I was drawn to these blogs first::

Made by Joel-Joel is so much busier these days. It’s fun to watch him grow and expand his horizons and sure enough he has had news.

Lil Fish Studios News-Lisa is always doing something, facing new challenges, taking on a new adventure. Always, she takes beautiful pictures and I’m captivated by her life in the northwoods of Minnesota.

The Extraordinary Ordinary-Heather shares her intimate stuff as well as anyone. I’ve fallen in love with her and her family and I rush to check to see what’s new as if I am her auntie and someone that frequents her sofa. She shares very exciting news that made me weep with joy. But somehow, I knew it in my heart already.

Andrea Joseph’s Sketchblog-A visit to this blog is like dessert for my artist eyes. It’s really a treat, a place of wonder and drawing magic. In my next life I’d like to be so talented.

There are about 85 blogs in my reader. Three weeks without reading has left a pile up. Frankly, going three weeks with 85 blogs in my reader and a priority shift means there will soon be a sifting and shifting of what I read. Reading today though, helped me get back what got lost for three weeks, my need and urge to write. So I’m happy to say words are wandering back into my head, coasting, braking, sliding into place in some sort of order. A return to words I have missed.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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