Fact: I can not be curious a long time. You have a secret? Fine. Need me to NOT know something, but know there IS something I’ll need to know eventually? Fine too. Need to tell me half a secret and the rest later? I’m exceptional at that. I consider this part of my skillset actually. It’s not that I’m not curious. I am. I wonder things all the time. Like today.

I wonder how high the pile of data would be that I have personally been responsible for, including the backups, and backups to the backups? Am I contributing to a problem of the universe? And, what does the pile of data I have deleted look like? Or inactivated? Is that just as high? In a thousand years will data archaeologists discover my digital prints as they sift through data fossils found adrift?

I’m curious about whether Billy Coffey will go out on tour at a bookstore near me so I can stand and watch him sign books? I wouldn’t want to bother him. I’d just want to stand and watch his writer self be all author-like.

Does it make sense that computers and other tech stuff is made in black when dust is not black and very attracted to their surfaces? Why isn’t the fashionably gray neutral color popular with HGTV designers available in keyboards, phones, speakers, monitors, modems, CPU’s? I have seen a few, just not many. Dell Inspirons are the closest to dust color. White? Not good either.

And something I’ve always been curious about? What’s it like to have a tail? Seems like a handy thing. A cat tail I mean, rather than any other kind of tail.

Post Update

Curiosities from this afternoon:
Are there bathrooms in a mine? Where do you take care of business? I sincerly hope we don’t find out. Sometimes we get too much reporting. Less is more.

My daughter who lives in U.K. was shopping with a friend who bought Harry Potter in Latin. Latin? Did you know it was available in Latin? Can you imagine the chore that was? I wonder how many people in the world have the ability to translate into Latin? Is there anywhere that Latin is the first language? And how many readers can there be? For any book in latin? I guess they are good for those studying latin. Maybe.

For the second day in a row our doorbell started to ring. I’d get up and go answer and there would be no one there. We have guessed our new wireless doorbell is operating at the same frequency as a neighbor’s. When their bell is pressed, ours rings too. I know there is a fix but here’s where we fall into lazy. So until he who installed gets very annoyed, I get some up-and-down exercise answering the door with the mythical guest. I do kind of wonder if when I press OUR bell if one of the neighbors has to go running. Ya think?

Photo: Boomer models the iconic ?


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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5 Responses to Curiosity?

  1. Billy Coffey says:

    Hey Robin! Not sure if there will be a tour or not at this point, but watching me be all author-like probably wouldn't impress you much. Mostly because I would have no idea what I was doing…

  2. Robin Arnold says:

    Signing books and reading excerpts is what I imagine, possibly wearing a corduroy jacket with leather elbow patches. And your hat of course. I'd also be noting what kind of pen you use. Thanks for stopping by Billy. You bless me.

  3. Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays i forgot it was pdt!i am sooo out of it lately.

  4. A Latin Harry Potter- amazing! That cat tail looks just like my Anni's. 🙂

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