Biking in the Alps

The following instant message conversation took place this morning between my good friend Bruce, one of my current remote client bosses, and me. 

Me checking in: Hey, how are you? 

Bruce gives me a family activity update: Bradley’s first choir concert was last night. They did well. It is very different than usual choir concerts in that there was far more solos than choir pieces.

Me, amazed they are already having a concert in October: I wondered how they could be having a concert already, it’s so early in the year. 

Bruce: It was a patriotic concert about the 1940-1944 era. My mother and mother-in-law really enjoyed it. All the songs were from then. 

Me: A Grandma Concert then? 

Bruce: Yep. They invited some retirement home folks. 

Me: I watched the marching band video on your Facebook that you posted. 

Bruce: Cool, huh. That was recorded on my EVO. (Brags about new phone.) 

Me, a music connoisseur: Musically they are really good huh? Their marching, is different, more Phantom Regiment. So cool to be in a school with such a strong musical program. 

Bruce, so proud it makes me smile: I’d say they are better than average, but musically they could improve a lot. The school is in its third year, so they have a lot of tradition/pride to develop yet. Their marching is getting better week by week. I will try to record them again soon…maybe at the contest or something. They are putting polish on. 

I marvelled at the activity I noted last weekend in his and the kids Facebook status. 

Bruce told me their schedule: Our morning began with having Bradley at the school at 6:45 to go to All Region Choir tryouts. I followed the bus to Boerne Champion HS for that. As soon as he was finished we zoomed over to Heroes Stadium (35 & Wurzbach Pkwy) for the first marching contest at 10:45. Then at 12:30 we left for Southwest HS (35 South & 1604). for the second marching festival. Then to Ferris Stadium (1604 & Bandera) for the football game. We got home around 11pm.

Me: You are a better parent than I. You are high on the pedestal. We never did stuff like that for Kate. 

Bruce: Saturday we have another marching festival and a game. 

Me: Kate was on her own to get around. 

Bruce exclaims: Surprises me. 

Me: But she was in debate. 

Bruce: Bradley has talked about being in debate. He’d be good at it I think, but I feel music is the better choice for him right now. 

Me: We let Kate schedule herself but what she picked to do she was on her own to get to. I only went to maybe two of her tournaments. I’m seriously a bad parent. This is why she is so independent and strong though. 

But I also add: Kate and John just got home from a trip biking through the Loire valley in France. 

Bruce says: Well, I hope the Lord will make them as independent and strong as they need to be. My dad came to almost nothing of mine…including my All State Choir performance. I know I want to do much better than that. I’d rather hear my kids say that I hardly ever missed something than for them to talk about how much I worked and missed stuff. 

Bruce adds: Yes, Karen and I rode our bikes through the Swiss Alps on Sunday after all that running around I did on Saturday. (She rode her unicycle for part of it.) 

Insert work chat here. 

Me later: I’m going to laugh about you and Karen in the alps the rest of the day. 

Insert more boring work chat here. I end with a report of what I’m doing now. 
Bruce says: See, you’re worth your salt. I will consider taking you on our next bike ride through the Alps 
Me: Excellent. 


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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2 Responses to Biking in the Alps

  1. Robin Arnold says:

    Update from the field: Due to data issues there has been a delay in progress, therefore a delay in meeting deadline, therefore I will not qualify for a bike trip in the Alps on a bicycle nor a unicycle. I am sadly disappointed.

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