Take your cat to work day?

I started with a new client today and bright and early got ready and was on my way. Normally a 30 minute trip, I know the route well because it happens to be where my husband works, a farm in Upperville, VA. The drive is very pretty through the Shenandoah River valley then over the river, up and over a ridge of mountains, then into Upperville. The farm sits on 880 acres North of town and out about 3 miles.

I’m being contracted to do some data work for them so I’ll be able to work at home. This first day was a visit with the IT guy for logins and passwords etc. No big deal really. I think the folks that work on the farm are pretty lucky to work in such pretty country. Even on a bad day it’s beautiful out there. Plus there’s the animals, which includes cats. Lots of cats. All the buildings seem to have favorite cats. There is even a cat in the logo, that’s how loved cats are.

So after pulling my car out of the garage this morning, I pulled away from the house feeling pretty lucky to take the drive on such a pretty puffy cloud morning. I hummed a little hum, adjusted my sunglasses, then reached for my coffee cup and thought I felt something with my elbow. I glanced down to the right and Boomer was looking forward out the windshield. “Oh Boomer,” I said. “You can’t come to work today.” I started to look for a place to turn around.

Last night I was thinking, as I lay in bed, I really should have told Boomer “I’ll be gone tomorrow.” He’s used to having me at home all day which I guess makes my home workplace, just like the farm workplace but with fewer cats. I’m a big believer in telling one’s pet what the schedule is, especially if it involves sleeping in, even more importantly, when guests are coming. No guests today, just a planned day away from the house. I should have told him.

Boomer made his way between the seats and took his place in the passenger seat, stretched tall to see out the window. I pulled into the Rite-Aid parking lot and got my car turned around toward home. Boomer blinked at me. “Sorry Boom, no ride to the farm today,” I said. Part of me wondered why I shouldn’t just take him with me since he is so agreeable to a car ride.

Boomer at his worst has been threatened with being dropped off at the farm. I’m pretty sure he knows I don’t mean it. I think Boomer is a singular cat, not willing to share laps and food, the catch of the day, etc., nor the life of a farm cat. He does like a good ride in the car though. I should know better. I should also know to keep my car windows closed.

So down the road we went, back home. I suppose I could be aggravated at the loss of time and embarrassed I’ll be late for a first time meeting. Somehow I’m guessing they will understand. The minute we pulled into the driveway, Boomer went to the back seat. I’m not sure if he thought he’d just finish the nap he started now that we were back home, or if he was being obstinate. He did make himself really heavy when I reached in to pick him up. I gave him a hug and sent him toward the front porch. Maybe some other day will be, take your cat to work day, just not today.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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