Preventative maintenance & ongoing care

Yesterday morning I sprayed the perimeter of our basement family room with a well known and pleasantly scented home insect spray. I had been avoiding the idea because it’s new carpet, new baseboards, and new drywall and paint in our recently remodeled and new to us home. But evidently the spiders, creepy crawlies with many legs, and by the sound of it, crickets, thought it was all remodeled for them. There is barely any furniture down there so it’s hard to figure out where the crickets especially were hiding, hence the spray into cracks and crevices.
The glimpses I got of crickets in the yard were of big black jumpy things, bigger than the crickets in Texas I might add. I also know crickets in the fall like to think of wintering inside, especially in new carpet. They can do damage. They chew things. They are NOT dressed in top hats and tails.
I have environmental issues with sprays in general and had tried some kinder gentler things which included trying to get Boomer the cat interested in bug hunting. (Not interested.) I have yet to find a pest control company here that uses environmentally safe chemicals. So I did my own spraying. Then l went upstairs to escape the fumes and try to get over the creepy crawly feeling of bugs in the basement. Let’s all ewwwww together….later in the afternoon I went back downstairs to do a status check. Sure enough, there were dead bugs or almost dead bugs around the room, and one silent cricket.
New is no guarantee there won’t be creepy things. Preventative maintenance and ongoing care which needs to start right away is the only answer and that’s still not a guarantee there won’t be issues of some sort. This is the newest house we’ve ever lived in but we are in a very rural area and the house sat empty for 7 months. Some places have more pesty things than others. In Texas we had an environmentally safe exterminator every quarter which worked great, but other friends had service monthly. We battled scorpions, termites, roly polys, roaches, and other icky bugs. My family in Wisconsin wonders what all the fuss is about. They mainly battle flies and mosquitoes a few months of the year.
So I spray the house to keep away the creepy crawlies. Hopefully I didn’t wait too long. I can’t help but think about how I pray to keep away the jumpy things, and things that take me places I don’t belong, because I belong to Him. It’s all about preventative maintenance and ongoing care. For me, I can’t wait. It needs to be day to day.


Cricket image from: and for the cricket curious you can scroll over the body parts to learn oh so much more about cricket parts.

This is my Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday post and you should go visit Duane’s blog for more pleasantly disturbed posts.


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Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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7 Responses to Preventative maintenance & ongoing care

  1. I truly hope that all your creepy crawlers are now resting in peace or have left the premises. I just moved to a new home and so far so good. We get a bug occasionally and my kitty tries to stare it down. She isn't into bug control either. he he But her staring helps me locate it and dispose of it!

  2. Glynn says:

    I thought about adding a paragraphy to my PDT post today — about how St. Louis is currently having a bumper crop of field mice. We've been battling the critters around the perimeter of the garage, and Monday one of them breached the defenses. How do I know? Because the mouse trap worked. And no sprays.

  3. Duane Scott says:

    I completely understand about exterminating those things. I used to climb out of bed in the middle of the night, crawl around the base board of my room and try to find the annoying cricket. If I found him, I'd pick him up and haul him to the toilet and flush his existence out. I hated that feeling of him jumping around in my hand at 3 AM.

  4. Robin Arnold says:

    Now that you mention mice, my husband said a mouse family moved in to his workshop. He's exposing walls and stuff to remodel, you'd think the racket would keep them away. Floozie the spare cat and her kitties have moved out though so I guess it's fair game. Have you seen those rectangular black traps? They work really well. Hey Pesky Cat Designs, won't you have a lot of bugs in Florida? My sister has 3 cats that all go crazy for bugs. I think our cats are more sensible really. Less digestive issues probably.

  5. HisFireFly says:

    Praying that all unwanted critters will depart and you won't have to continue to use chemicals that you don't want to use in the first place.

  6. i remember crickets in our basement, when i was growing up, in southern illinois.i also remember my dad, spraying around the outside wall of the house.i hear that bounce dryer sheets are good for keeping away ants and mosquitoesmy cat is pretty good at getting the shrews, or mice.i didn't know that the midwest was having a bumper mice sister in wyoming says it is their year for grasshoppers.

  7. Cucumber peel keeps ants away. I do what my grandma did and put a peeling in the window sill after peeling. I just found out black pepper sprinkled on ant hills sends them packing and I think that works. I had a whopper hill by the back door and they're gone now. Also, Diatomaceous Earth, the garden kind, not the pool kind, sprinkled around for hard shell bugs will take care of them, even inside in carpet for such things as fleas. It's organic and not a pesticide. I'm a big believer in IPM, integrated pest management which means I leave mud daubers alone to eat the black widow spiders, and paper wasps eat caterpillers, ladybugs eat aphids. I heart the food chain. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment. Thanks to the rest of you for clicking through and having a read. All y'all are my favorites.

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