Hurricanes, oil spew, long hair on men, etc.

There’s a hurricane coming toward the Eastern seaboard. Actually several of them. Virginia is included in the states that make up that border. I think this is the first hurricane coming this way since we moved here. We have a good chance for rain but probably not more than that where we live. A cold front coming from the West is evidently going to keep the worst of it out over the ocean. I’m in favor of cooler temps and rain after the hotest summer on record since the last century. It’s all so iffy though, this weather predicting stuff. I’m a believe it when I see it sort of person. Unless of course Jesus tells me it is so.

I was listening to Science Friday last week and was NOT suprised to find out there is a big mystery where all the oil that has been spilling has gone. On the one hand this will make it hard for my imaginary pirates to harvest the floating oil for profit, but on the other this goes to prove what I’ve thought all along. Oil is a natural substance. What comes from nature, goes back to nature. Current thinking is that there are bacteria eating away at the oil, digesting it, returning it to the Circle.

Pictures over the last months of my teenaged nephew showed quite a long head of hair. Now mind you, I haven’t seen him in person since he was a gangly boy so that’s always the picture I have in my mind. It surprised me to see this mane of hair. I’m not sure when it happened but I am just not a big fan of long-haired men. Every time I saw pictures of him, I kept wishing he’d get a haircut, to embrace his true nerd self, and a short haircut. (I do sound like my father sometimes.) Well I should have known there was a plan. He was growing his hair for Locks of Love and last night he got a haircut. What a difference!

Here are more photos of the haircut: Daryl’s Locks of Love Haircut

What’s interesting to me is the chameleon-like way his face changes in these pictures. I personally think he’d make a great spy. And trust me, he’s very smart in a fierce sort of way. I’m proud of him.

This post might be considered a Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday post if our host Duane were up to the task. But he was in a pretty serious car accident so is taking a healing break. I won’t link you to his blog today. In the mean time, prayers up for healing for him. Having been in a pretty serious accident myself, the physical injuries are just the beginning of the healing that needs to happen.

What’s on your mind? What has your mind been stewing and digesting? What have you been amazed by this week?



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Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Hurricanes, oil spew, long hair on men, etc.

  1. Helen says:

    I think it is great that your nephew is donating his hair to locks of love.

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