Who would you pick?

Recently, not sure which TV challenge show I was watching, finalists were surprised by someone familiar coming to assist them with their task. The task was to showcase their talents and skills, and hopefully move them into the winners circle. Naturally the task involved a tight budget and tight time. These particular finalists must have been asked somewhere along the way about the capable or influential people in their lives, the ones who “have their back,” the ones who compliment their skillsets.

That got me thinking about who my people are, who would I pick to be my team? Since our  move I have yet to build a new team of people around me so I’d have to count on those I’ve worked with in the past. I feel like if I had just one person to pick for ANY challenge, especially survival, I’d have to say my husband. He can be rather McGiver and is very resourceful. We work well together and we have the same work ethic, we’re not whiners, and if there is anyone who can read my mind, it’s my husband. Or darn near close. Plus, he is my heart and best support. We want the best for each other.

If the task were data related or tedious, or quantity and quality related, I’d pick my friend Bruce. We’ve worked in both supervisor/assistant situations and while my favorite is as his supervisor, I think I’d be his pick too. We’ve worked through crap to the place where unconditional trust and respect is golden. A good team member can take up where the other leaves off in a seamless way, plus anticipate. We’re there. Plus Bruce is funny, loves Jesus, and we love the same Praise and Worship music cranked up high.

If the task were home or hospitality related, I’d pick my sisters. My sisters and I are nothing alike yet completely the same. My tall sister can rally and whirl like nobody’s business. My short sister is compassionate and sweet. We are especially swell together.

For a travel or adventure task, or anything involving academics, my daughter would be my choice. She’d be in charge. She’s just good at most everything she does. She knows stuff, she knows people, and she knows where to find answers. We’d be the winning team.

Today I participated in a phone interview screening for an interesting office manager type job. I was asked questions I could have been more prepared for but I gave okay answers. I could hear the interviewer tapping on his keyboard and know my words were documented. I’m not sure they will help me get the job, but they are recorded nevertheless. I feel a certain wonder for how they affect the future. Will someone someday refer to them to extract a saving assist, or pull me in to assist someone else?

My prayer is still the same, Lord, put me where you need me. Help me find a team, and help me be a team member again, and for excellence and integrity.

Who would you pick? Who can you count on to come through? Who do you work with in a seamless complimentary way?



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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