Flashing clocks, pawprints, & HGTV etc

It’s time for Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday thoughts…

Flashing clocks:
It’s storming. It’s been very dry but now it’s thundering and lightening which means that dust buildup on electrical lines and transformers get electrostatically charged or something, which usually makes the power go out. Has it occurred to digital clock makers to add a battery so their stupid clocks don’t lose their brains when a momentary lapse in the grid happens? My stove, coffee pot, microwave are all blinking in the kitchen. So is the Bose, my clock radio, and my husband’s bedside clock light gizmo. In fact my microwave outblinked itself a long time ago so that it doesn’t actually show complete numbers anymore. The fact is it doesn’t really matter to anyone but my husband if they blink or not. I tell time by my phone, or my computer. I don’t even wear a watch anymore. So the clocks blink until my husband resets them.

More HGTV myths:
I added another few observations to my collection of stupid things heard on HGTV. Like a screech on a blackboard it kills me to hear, “Those kitchen cupboards are outdated.” Seriously? They are still sold and I think I’ve seen you install them in another segment. It would be better and more valid to hear, “I don’t care for the cabinets here.” Or, “we have the budget so we’ll change the cabinets.”

“Buyers get confused by multipurpose rooms.” Sabrina Soto said this. FALSE, on so many levels. Most rooms are multipurpose rooms. Tell me one room in your house where you only do one thing. Perhaps I should quantify that by saying the average home under $300,000 anyway.

Boomer apparently walks across the kitchen counters during our away times. There were pawprints across my black stovetop. Black isn’t necessarily an easy color to keep clean. But now lets think about this, why are the cat’s feet so dusty they leave prints? Very disturbing commentary on my housekeeping don’t you think? To say nothing of his hygiene.

What not to wear
As we know I’m a new member of the basic cable viewers and discovered “What Not To Wear.” I’ve watched exactly 2 shows and know it’s likely my sister is going to turn me in. Today I wore my home sewn blouse made in the early 1980’s which I wore to work. The fabric, a remnant, was purchased when I worked at a drapery workroom, before I was married. It’s in good shape, classic pattern, hasn’t gone out of style. Best of all it still fits, in fact I’ve been the same size since my daughter was born. I’ve actually started to worry that should the folks from What Not to Wear show up and take all my clothes, I really couldn’t bear to part with that blouse.

So, another post submitted for Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays over at Duane’s Scribing the Journey.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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2 Responses to Flashing clocks, pawprints, & HGTV etc

  1. i don't like flashing anything.interviews to me are very much like looking for a new car.all my rooms are multi purpose.and all my training of looking at magazines over the years screams to me that it is just plain horrible.my can rolls in dirt and bbq ashes.if what not to wear ever came to my door, i would tell them what they could do.

  2. jasonS says:

    I take HGTV with a grain of salt. I think most of the time they speak in generalities so that people will draw the widest interest when selling (or thinking about resale). Essentially, they are speaking for the ones with no imagination (sadly, there are a lot of those). I do get what you're saying though- sometimes they're just expressing a personal opinion in the guise of advice…Anyway, yeah, I watch HGTV with my wife and I not-so-secretly like it. 🙂

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