Cat food rant & other disturbed thoughts

Why does cat food have to be so vile? So unappealing in flavor and smell that not even our spare cat wants to bat cleanup? Why don’t they make salami flavored cat food? Dogs have “Pup Peroni” and “Snausages.” Boomer can smell salami a mile away. He nearly knocks you over if you have a salami sandwich. Same with roast chicken and scrambled eggs. Why are there not cat foods that cats want to eat? Instead of vomit? And why don’t they invent special paper towel or cleanups for cat vomit? Seems like a good product to have out there. Seriously a paper or disposable wipe that allowed for absorbing and picking the mess up without actually being able to feel the temperature of the mess would be awesome. It also would be cool to have a super powered stain removal ability. All with one wipe.

Speaking of stains…have you noticed when you use anything with oxy in it, it leaves a white halo that is about as annoying as the original stain? I could be using the product wrong I guess but I have read the directions.

I’m trying to get used to Tweetdeck on my new computer. It’s not going well despite reading the new update directions several times. I keep reverting to the web. At least the Fail Whales are more obvious and cuter.

My former cute pie and swell boss enlisted me to help with a project and I can work remotely. What I miss about not working in the same room is his singing which really is nice since he is a Worship Leader, and, the competition. You know…if you can do that many, then I can do this many. It’s not the same remotely. We did fire up the webcams though. I wonder if anyone else works together on webcam as if sitting in the same room, but not. No, I do not want to know how you use your webcam.

We have lucked out in the plumber and electrician department. Steve the plumber is thorough, thoughtful, and efficient. Butch the electrician is too. The fact that I have to know these two is cause for annoyance but the actual work they are doing to fix major problems is a thing of beauty. Don’t you love watching someone who knows what they are doing? It’s art in motion. Makes me want to tip the seller/flipper of the house over for doing so much so poorly.

Yes, this is a Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday post. Please go visit Duane’s blog to read more.


Here’s a picture of Boomer. This was right after he invented salami flavored cat food.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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5 Responses to Cat food rant & other disturbed thoughts

  1. you're right about the cat food.boomer found a good spot to rest.

  2. I guess that's why we feed dry food. Though they throw that up, too.I love Boomer.

  3. Duane Scott says:

    You do disturbed very well. And I love Boomer. He looks like one cool cat. You're right. I have Pupperoni for my dog. It's his bedtime snack. Cat food? I once put it in a chex mix I made for a school party. LOL. People ate it.

  4. jasonS says:

    I want to ask you how you know about the flavor of cat food, but I won't go there.I don't use any product with 'oxy' in the title unless you count oxymorons and those just leave a ring around my brain. :)You do seem to be disturbed, Robin. Pleasantly, but disturbed nonetheless.

  5. jasonS says:

    Oh forgot to mention, your description of the wipes for cat throw up made me chuckle a lot (I've had to deal with it a lot). When you mentioned not feeling the temperature, I about lost it! Very nice!

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