Rabbit X 3 Thursday, pleasantly disturbed

Rabbit rabbit rabbit! It’s the first of the month so that’s what you say to the first person you talk to. My own rules stretch it to the first animal I talk to, usually Boomer. Since some part of me considers it as much luck as a memory game, I include writing. So, the first thing I write in any place on the first of the month is rabbit rabbit rabbit. And yes, it is a competition. Some members of my family have been known to stay up until midnight on the last day of the month just so they can send the first rabbit X 3 via e-mail. Not kidding.

Why, tell me why, do they make gigantic vitiamin tablets? It would be so much better to make them smaller and tell me to take them more times per day. They’d be less irritating to my guts, and to the world around me, since, I think, that much more powerful of a vitiamin, just oozes out of you in oh so many ways.

I’m cleaning my husband’s bathroom as we sit here. The scrubbing bubbles are doing their work and my magic eraser is at the ready. I intentionally assigned him the smaller bathroom reasoning it would be less to clean and perhaps his mess would be so obvious to him, he’d wipe up after himself, with the conveniant within reach products I’ve left for him in the cabinet under the sink. That did not work. Yet. I feel some remedial instruction will be necessary before I give up the notion.

I posted pictures of my yard this week on my Facebook. Here, take a look:

Garden: BEFORE pictures

Ugly huh? On a cool morning like today all I want to do is to go out and start something out there. I love it that it’s a blank slate and that anything I do will be an improvement. So much bothers me that sometimes I can’t sleep knowing that right on the other side of my bedroom window is so much to put right. The game I have to play with myself is that only after I get the inside of the house settled, am I allowed to work outside. Gardening for me takes me to a flow state where nothing else gets done, time passes and I have no clue how long I’ve spent outside. It’s dangerous, yet a beautiful place to be. Writing is the same place for me. Also processing data. Don’t roll your eyes in that squinty way, it causes wrinkles.

Here’s a picture taken by my daughter, Kate Travis, sent to me this week to cheer me up during our 3 days without air conditioning. It was so hot I couldn’t think. I think it will cheer you up too. It’s an English Robin,


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About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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8 Responses to Rabbit X 3 Thursday, pleasantly disturbed

  1. jasonS says:

    Robin- never heard the 'rabbit, rabbit, rabbit' thing! Also you should know that when you say you were sitting there cleaning your husband's bathroom, it forced me to picture you atop the porcelain throne. Sorry, I'm very visual and I have thus repented! :)I am (pleasantly) disturbed as well…

  2. rabbit rabbit rabbit!cute birdie.

  3. Duane Scott says:

    Ha. The rabbit thing is hilarious. Every family has their own jokes. And I love the way you tied gardening and writing together. It definitely is a place we can get lost in. :)Great post!

  4. I LOVE that bird! I found a dead regular robin outside the gate yesterday. I think he hit the window. 😦 Probably chasing a rabbit.

  5. Robin Arnold says:

    Jason Jason Jason…actually, I was more under the porcelain throne scraping paint off the baseboards and bottom of the toilet and all the other places the world's sloppiest painter/flipper glopped paint. I've been at it for 2 hours. Nancy, oh terrific photographer, I thought you'd like that picture. Duane, I actually learned the Rabbit X 3 thing when we lived in Milwaukee so it's kinda common there.

  6. BunBun says:

    I never heard of the rabbit rabbit rabbit rule. But I like it.

  7. Helen says:

    The yard will take some time. You will live there for a LONG time. Don't worry about doing everything at once. Love the birdie.

  8. Todd Tifft says:

    I lived in England for 23 years. The english robin is a very sociable little bird. When you are digging in your garden the robin will often sit on your shovel awaiting the next worm that you turn up. Our Christmas cards would invariable have a robin on the cover. More petit than our Wisconsin robins, but still feisty none the less. A much loved bird.

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