Emptiness echoes

It’s pouring rain, Rainy Night in Georgia, plays on the jazz station and echoes through the empty house as I push a dust mop over the hardwood floors. The radio sits on the fireplace mantle at one end of the house and the tune bounces free from our life of the last year. I’d hum, but I’m exhausted. So is my sweet husband who is putting the last of our belongings into the rental truck. I pray a grateful prayer for this house and for the next tenants. Hopefully they’ll fill it with life and it will be a blessing to them too.

The house WAS a blessing to us, but it echoed the whole last year even with just our necessary belongings unpacked. We held ourselves back knowing we’d be moving, buying a house. We didn’t commit to a church, we didn’t invite people to visit, we didn’t fill the corners of our life up with anything other than our new jobs. Then when I left my cool new job brokenhearted, the house and garden helped me heal, but its echo expanded into the hollows my work filled. I felt the echo push me forward, stirring me, as if a bottle blown tunelessly. I remember thinking, stop already and we fell to our knees praying God’s Will and His breath into our emptiness.

And He has! So, for the second, no third time in a year’s time, we have packed up our household and are moving…to a house with a very nice echo. It’s a hopeful echo that will soon be filled with our stuff and our lives. We may be exhausted by the work at hand, but we are exhilerated by the possibilities ahead and with hope and gratefulness to fill empty rooms with love and life.


Emptiness is the word for the latest blog carnival at Bridget Chumbley’s One Word at a Time blog. Please go visit and read, and feel free to comment on other the other bloggy goodness.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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4 Responses to Emptiness echoes

  1. jasonS says:

    Exactly as it should be! Emptiness is only a transition to fullness. Thanks Robin. Blessings!

  2. Blessings on this new journey you're beginning… great post, Robin. Thank you!

  3. caryjo says:

    Very good insight! And how blessed will the new house members be b/c you have cleansed it both physically and spiritually. That sort of house cleansing is one of the best gifts anyone can receive.

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