Cookie rules

My mom had a strict two cookie rule when we were growing up. No kid, or Dad, no matter their age, could have more than two cookies at any one time. Two cookies, and that was the limit for dessert, for snack, for coffee, for tea, for anytime cookies were served. And, that’s two cookies, period. No two of this flavor, and two of that flavor. I know what you are thinking, there are tricks to be tried here. Nope. My mom had nearly every possible trick anticipated and her rule stood firm.

Did you have a family rule like this? One that was so strong, imbedded in the fiber of your familiness, that you thought EVERYONE had the same rule? But no, not everyone did.

My husband’s family for instance. It was apparently okay to eat cookies by the handful, and I think his family is genetically gifted with really wide hands. My husband can fit eight cookies in his hand, sometimes as many as ten. That and a big glass of milk in the other hand and I call that a meal. A cookie meal. My husband never accepted nor adopted the Rule of Two as his own. Not even for health reasons. And now, not for budgetary reasons, he does not budget his cookies or try to make them last for a week or more.

Whether I bake or buy cookies, they better last an entire week. We are currently favoring the inexpensive sandwich cookies from Bottom Dollar Foods which are currently priced at $1.68 for a 2 pound package. I like the Fudge Creams, and my husband likes the Vanilla Chocolate Creams. The picture above was taken this morning. My husband’s container was empty on Wednesday. I last had a cookie on Wednesday. Hmmm. Considering the Rule of Two, I’ve only eaten 8 Cookies since I went to the store. Methinks I smell a cookie crook.

Which is another rule of cookies. In my family it was NOT okay to filch cookies from someone else if you lost control and ate all your alloted cookies. Apparently, in my husband’s family, filching is allowed, and with nary a please or thank you.

I wish I had some biblical principles to apply here, like, the usefulness of rules for life, from commandments to etiquette, or self-control, or even spiritual gifts applications such as hospitality verses administration and wisdom as applied to cookie control. But no, it’s just an observation that people are different. Families are different. Having a cookie rule doesn’t make my family experience better, it just makes it different.

Really, I’m fine with my husband filching my cookies. Mostly fine.



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Cookie rules

  1. john t says:

    Two? TWO? I'm glad you haven't been enforcing that rule on your son-in-law:)

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