Winchester & parts South

In order to meet Wanda at the first house in Winchester, I had to get up early and out the door by 8am. It was raining and I probably should have allowed more time because with traffic, rain, and a couple of pit stops, I rolled up to the house just seconds before Wanda. We got right to it, because as it turned out, Wanda had big plans for the day. We ended up looking not at 3 properties, but TEN!

House #9-Papermill Road-Winchester

Not much point in showing anything other than this because this was the main event for my husband. The place was immaculate, well  maintained, and by that I mean, as things came up they fixed them. The house was sweet, so sweet, my mother-in-law could live there and be oh so happy. The house was also built for short people. In fact, it was eliminated for that reason.

Status: Nope-but + points for the garage!

House #10-Family Rambler-Winchester

There were people home in this house, several cute babies happily playing and some moms going about their chores. I stopped counting at 14 beds in this house on both the upper and basement level, which was fairly tidy considering. We thanked them for letting us look but I drew a line through this listing.

Status: Nope

Good idea: garage doors on the front and back of garage. Nice touch, handy I think.

House #11-1950’s Blast-Winchester

Honestly, if I were the only person in the family, this would be great. I love this era house. They were solidly built back then (it’s 1 year older than I am), and have character. This could be very cutie pie with window boxes and garden. It had wood floors and swell closets with built ins. However there was exactly 8 inches passage to get by the washer to the back door, so not wide bottom. Houses were too close in general, yard very small in the back, and although it did have a garage, there were access issues there too.
Status: Nope
House #12-Hippy Dippy Heaven-Winchester
No picture, although I personally took a lot of them. This house has potential like crazy, in a decent location, even an awesome garage and shed…BUT…I redlined it fast. It would take 6 weeks to empty the house and yard of all the stuff, critters, detritus collected in and around the less than 1/4 acre lot. People, there was a stuffed cat, as in formerly alive, posed in the front living room! There were live cats everywhere. And, miles of piles. I also think the house had the original wallpaper with Dutch windmills, and very possibly the original draperies. Then there was the aroma…
Status: Double NOPE
House #13-Flipper Heaven-Winchester
This house appears to be the first in a very weary neighborhood to be worked on. The flippers did an excellent job on the inside and outside. I like the house and the yard, but the neighborhood was scary to me. There was no garage, and only a partial basement for workshop so I redlined this house. We have revisited it a couple of times, but the neighborhood, just too scary.
Status: Nope
House #14-Split Foyer-Winchester
We drove up to the house and I didn’t even get out. A split foyer is a style of house where the front door is midway between the upper and lower levels which are living spaces. I want to carry groceries straight in to the kitchen. Not possible with a split foyer.
Status: Nope
House #15-Split Foyer-Stephens City
We did look at this one, only because the garage was wider and the entryway was only 2 steps up. The house was a forclosure and not in very good shape.
Status: Nope
House #16-Nice Neighborhood-Stephens City
This house has a good layout, wider garage, corner lot, and in a quiet pretty neighborhood too. But it is full of work. It wasn’t maintained and there is some serious elbow grease needed. Are we up for that? Years ago, we thought yet. I think we are both feeling more fragile these days. I think I need for Bob to go look at this house to help assess. Honestly, it could end up being very cutie pie and worth the effort. 
Status: Maybe 
House #17-Awesomesauce!-Front Royal
This room is just one of the reasons to love this house. I could do so much with this space! On my description alone, and despite having to build a workshop, Bob and I wanted to buy this house. There is another offer on it though. We put in a backup offer on the off chance things fell through, we would be first in line to buy it.  I figured it’s answered prayer for the seller, some level of comfort even. We’ll see. We are continuing to look.
Status: Hopeful but realistic
Real House #10 of THE DAY was actually back to House #6 Strasburg Road which was close by. I wanted Wanda’s expert opinion on it, and as I have noticed, a second or third looky loo sort of reveals things one doesn’t notice at the first. Wanda has some thoughts. With the easements required, and the realizations for how small the bedrooms really were, and the fact the house sits behind 3 others, I crossed the house off the list.
Updated Status: Nope
It rained all day so I was damp and chilly, suffering tree pollen and mold, so I found a Starbucks to sit and make notes before heading back to Woodbridge. House hunting is both exciting and exhausting. I am feeling more and more at home out in that area which is nice. I figure the Lord is at work. We keep praying for the right place for us and grateful for the things we are learning in the process.
Photos: from actual listings, unless otherwise noted. My camera isn’t downloading so until I get it rebooted I’m borrowing photos. If you are from, and object to the use, let me know and I will remove them.

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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