Spouse house hunting

It was a pretty day for a drive and me and the mister went to go look at houses on Saturday. Our realtor met us at a new one I found, then we went on our own to go see awesome shop house (see house #4).

But first, we drove to Front Royal and found the perfect house for introverts. It sets back from the road off a long, kind of hidden driveway, and it even shares the same address as three other houses in front of it. Then, the front faces a gigantic pine tree nearly the width of the house. It was a charming rock-faced house with a great kitchen, swell porch, and fantastic garden shed, complete with sink and lots of shelves. I fell in love frankly. Postage stamp bedrooms and sticky easements that negate a decent plan for a workshop made the house more a possible than a probable though. My husband wasn’t as enamored.

House #6 Strasburg Road

Status: Maybe

When we were finished with our look, we headed toward Winchester to go back to see the house my husband was enamored with on paper. It was my second look at the house and the inside seemed even stranger than the first time. We talked it through and I left the house with no desire to live there. I’m pretty sure my husband was in love though.

House #4 Status upgraded: Maybe -1

We had a nice afternoon. It was a beautiful day, truly. We like spending time together. My favortie thing is just watching my husband think, and then when he talks to people. You can see people recognize how smart he is, and what an gentle spirit he has.

Our realtor has been a blessing (Mary Palma, Manassas, VA), but I gave her an out in e-mail later, since she also lives far from where we are looking. Later, she sent me the name of a new realtor to begin working with on Monday. My stomach churned.



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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