House hunting

Bob’s theory is that we need to buy a house. Me, not so much. Still, I am the designated house shopper. We have specs:

Price of course. We want to base affordability on 1 salary. Lot: needs to be more than 1/4 acre for elbow room, less than 2 acres. Kind of levelish. 1-story is preferred. I want to walk straight in with bags of groceries. Neighborhood needs to be a patchwork quilt of people, tolerant of shop noise.

Needs to have wood shop space, either basement, or garage. No more than 45 minutes drive to work in Upperville, VA.

Paved street, easy to shovel walks and drive, flat spot for vegetable garden, decent soil PH & depth, location semi convenient to grocery store/airport/jobs, and small enough to clean on a Saturday morning.

Okay, so yesterday I met with a realtor I’ve been in touch with and we started looking at houses. I drove to the first house to meet her, which was a little over an hour away.

House #1: Bifrost Way, Linden VA

I like the newer age of the house and lot. I arrived and my agent informed me the owner had recieved an offer the night before, therefore we couldn’t look at it. This house is at about 1300 feet and my ears popped on the way up to the street, then on the way down. Also, there were deer, everywhere!

Status: Nope

House #2: Cashmere Drive

My agent asked to show me this house instead of the first one. It was listed by the same as the first house, so it was to compensate. She said it’s just right down the way. We took 3 wrong turns finding it. This picture is taken from about half way up the mud and gravel drive. Didn’t even go inside to look. This house was near the top of Steps to Heaven, about 1300 ft altitude. I actually got scared looking up the steep incline, and down.

Status: Nope

House #3: Pyletown Road

The snow improves this house. It’s wee. The lot is large but in the backyard sits a former pig stye and the historical aroma was evident. It also sits next to land that apparently folks like to go plinking. Broken glass bottles are everywhere. The basement looked like it may housed a still. Also, there’s the name…

Status: Nope

House #4: Buffalo Trail

We have been keeping our eye on this house for a while. It is intriguing for some reason. But we had eliminated it because it appears it is outside of travel time requirements. Still, I decided to take a look. The inside has fallen victim to rather awful remodeling, some bad ideas and bad workmanship. Still it has decent bones. Then there is the garage shop. It’s just plain to die for and I don’t even need a shop, just a place to put my car. It could hold 4 of my cars. Got a message today that said they lowered the price and are offering a 2 year home warranty.

Status: Taking Bob for a second look
House #5: Cardinal Lane

This house is outside of Winchester on the Eastern side. It would be a nice commute and the neighborhood has stores and things. I like city living and the age of this house was newish. We pulled up and the big burly neighbor was leaving his house with his two pit bulls who barked and flung dog spit all over. The lock box was not able to be opened because it was older. We never got inside. There’s a deep culvert on the back property line and a huge drop off, so basically the backyard looks down. Also cul de sac location instead of corner lot where Google said it was.

Status: Nope
I am hoping to see another house this afternoon, this time closer by in Haymarket. Then Saturday we are off to look around Upperville. Well not really, we can’t afford Upperville, or within 15 miles of the place. We be po’ folks.
Your house hunting tips are welcome.

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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4 Responses to House hunting

  1. jasonS says:

    House shopping is always fun! I'm glad we're done with that part. Peace and patience to you. 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    I hope you find exactly what you want.

  3. nAncY says:

    i'm with jason…peace and patience to you.this was very interesting to go hunting with you today. is it time for a snack?

  4. This is a nice process you have started here. It looks like you really have narrowed down your criteria. My friends at Sheeran Sothebys Realty could help you in searching for Homes For Sales in Virginia . I really hope you find the home you are looking for!Janet W.

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