Dr. Dobson helped raise my family

Dr. James Dobson has been in the process of saying farewell to Focus on the Family for a while now so it should come as no surprise that the designated final day came on February 26. Regular listeners to the radio broadcasts have known since 2003 or so that a transition had begun. These last few weeks have been a bit emotional for me as I sit and listen to all the others who have felt the lasting influence of such a remarkable man. I also realized how just plain grateful I’ve been to grow as a parent, and as a Christian, in some part because of the teachings of Dr. Dobson, and the Focus on the Family family of teachers.

Dr. Dobson began Focus on the Family when my daughter was two and seemingly, step by step, I found helpful and godly coaching on being a parent, wife, and woman of God. Through some tricky spots in my marriage, and sticky mother-daughter stuff, I often referred to resources, books, and counseling, that made a difference…because my ears were focused and tuned to the radio. I counted those as God things, and answered prayer each time the exact right book was talked about, or topics became conversation starters in the thicket of a troubling silence.

I quoted Dr. Dobson a lot when I was younger mom, probably aggravatingly so, and he was a reliable and knowlegable resource. I learned about the bigger Christian world out there, and my awareness of issues was raised in large part because Dr. Dobson wasn’t afraid to go where pastors shouldn’t and can’t. I don’t think I’ve laughed more either. I met Patsy Claremont on Dr. Dobson’s show, and a variety of other thought provoking men and women of God.

So yes, I am profoundly grateful to have had the privilege to listen all these years. If I could I would give Dr. Dobson a big rocking hug and wish him well with whatever comes next. I’m sure the Lord still has plans for him.

Dr. James Dobson credentials and bio are impressive. Click this link and please read more on the Focus on the Family website.  Podcasts and resources are there so we will be able to check in when we need some coaching.

Thank you Dr. Dobson. You have blessed me!



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Dr. Dobson helped raise my family

  1. marianne says:

    I remember you recommended Dr. Dobson's books and tapes to me when I had struggles with my kids. Did I ever thank you for that?

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