Five Favorites Friday: January 29, 2010

It’s Friday so it’s time for favorites of the week!

1- God the Master Craftsman

– God the designer of many things including temples and garments! Read Exodus 28. I marvel at the details and meaning sewn into those robes. I looked for artist renderings and found a few. I also wonder how long those garments lasted and how long they were able to be handed down? Later, God very clearly blesses craftsmen with their wisdom and talent in Chapter 31 as well as direction. That’s so big in my head right now, I don’t have words…

2- Drive-thru Side Salads

– Side salads purchased from your favorite fast food place (of good repute for freshness) is really a quick way to add a salad to your dinner menu. This means the vegetables are already cleaned and chopped and portion size is controlled. I bought two side salads at Burger King for 99 cents each! The advantage to me is no waste of the unused portion which often rots before I can use with just 2 in the house for big meals. Since we are eating more sustainably and seasonally, we tend to have more citrus as a salad right now. I peel clementines for us, or we have sliced apples with our meal, which is a sneaky way to get fruit into my husband. Lettuce and salad vegetables not grown locally doesn’t make sense to me, but we do crave a salad. I don’t crave cleaning and chopping either. So if I am running errands I drive thru to get salads or buy one in my deli section at the grocery store.

3- Technology Fast

– Restrict use of computer and technology during home production hours. This has been a useful discipline and a habit I am working on since I am working at home these days. With the tendancy to get lost on Internet rabbit trails at the mere mention of a cool link, this is a vital correction to my procrastivity. Truly, my daughter sent me a link to a friend’s blog and I was lost for 45 minutes this morning on something I didn’t plan. Time not wasted, because I learned something, but certainly lost. Better to declare technology fast hours with no computer use allowed!

4- Resume Filing

– Determine the kind of jobs to be applied for and custom tailor your resume to fit those categories. I have 4 main job titles I am interested in so created a resume version for each, did a Save As, then named the document ResumeMYname_ADMIN etc. That way because of naming conventions they are stacked nicely in the folder. Oh, I also put my name and contact info in the header of the document, and included it in the footer with Resume of MyFullname, and added auto text page numbers. That way if I have to add a cover letter the header already is formatted with my name and it can be included with the resume. If the HR assistant printing things out gets my resume pages separated, they can easily be matched back up. My main resume is now just 1 page, cut back from 3. I like to make things easy for HR people. Also, be sure to follow their instructions, read ads carefully. I have my resumes in a Jobsearch folder saved on my desktop. If I adapt a newer version of my resume I just save it to my desktop and if I am spending the day on job search it makes it easy to access. In Outlook 2003 and 2007 you can copy and paste files to an e-mail message. You can also drag and drop files. You don’t have to go to Insert, then look for the files, then insert. Make this stuff easy for yourself.

5 – My hidden in plain sight Notary

– Panic had set in when I was looking in all the usual places for a notary and it didn’t yield results. My sister suggested a realtor, which made sense since that was why I needed a notary, the closing papers on our house needed notarizing. In Virginia banks and mail services can’t charge for notary services and there are accountability issues at banks they say, so they no longer staff notaries. BUT realtors, at least our realtor, find it a useful service to provide. The nice people who helped us into our lease, both turned out to be notaries. AND, I had their info on a promo calendar they sent us for Christmas which was mounted on a magnet and on our refrigerator! Moral of the story, promo things work and are useful IF SEEN/remembered. Their services by the way were free…we just had to agree to carry their business card. So if you need a realtor in the Woodbridge area, please call me for Dan and Suzanne Bowes contact info. They are Coldwell Banker realtors. They rock!

A Blessed week

It was a blessed week. I discovered the reason for our enormous power bill ($762) and although it didn’t really help us for January, I’ve caught it now. We should be more in control now although I remain cold most of the time. I figure goose bumps are good for me and I’m burning calories.
Although I’ve felt some disappointment in my job search, I also ended the week with an appointment for an interview next week. My prayer remains that the Lord put me where he needs me. I have to consider that perhaps He wants me home right now.

The closing on the sale of our house is all final as of today. That’s a picture at the top of the page. I always thought of it as a prairie style ranch and we were going to do some remodeling in that style. That never happened. I bet you are noticing the trees…there were more than 100 trees on the 1/2 acre lot! We were pretty happy there and it was a blessed house. It’s sale is a blessing to us financially at this time. We are grateful.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Five Favorites Friday: January 29, 2010

  1. Terra says:

    That sounds great that your home sale is going through, sometimes moving is the best action to take. All those trees, it must be pretty, plus the photo of the house shows it is pretty too.Best wishes on your interview.Terra

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