Some of my blogger friends taking part in the blog carnival over at Bridget Chumbley’s blog on the word peace are going to donate an amount per comment to Haiti relief. Since I didn’t blog about peace because I’ve been working on closing papers and job apps, I want to challenge those bloggers to lobby me, give me a compelling reason why I should match your $ amount, and I’ll pitch in to your chosen charity.

If I don’t hear from anyone, my choice would be UMCOR, that’s United Methodist Committee on Relief. They have been working in Haiti for several years. A couple pastors I knew were there in Hotel Montana when it collapsed and were killed. There are others that are still missing. It’s in their memory I donate. Click here for a news update on their important work.

Please go read those blog posts on peace and step up and offer a comment. I promise they are all good reading.

So what is peace to me?

For me, peace is that feeling you get just after dinner, full, not needing another morsel.

For me, peace is that feeling when the last load of laundry is completed, including folded, and put away.

For me, peace is hearing the latest cancer cell results are negative.

For me, peace is that feeling when the back door alarm beep beep beeps my husband through the door and he says, “Hi Hon.”

For me, peace is being told “I love you Mama.”


My life verse always has been the scripture at the bottom of my blog page. And it always will be.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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2 Responses to Peace

  1. Maureen says:

    Robin,I included the Vassar Haiti Project in my All Art Friday blog feature of 1/22, including a video explaining the work of the VHP. It's a terrific project that also includes educational initiatives in a little village parish in Haiti. The project's sales of Haitian art have given a living to people who had nothing and also given those of us who love art paintings that preserve a cultural legacy. And education has incomparable value. It's a way out of poverty. The project has hundreds of artists it has assisted. Since the earthquake, it has heard from very few. A tragic loss. Their families need help. The project already has mounted its own relief aid efforts. It's tiny but it's doing its part.Please come over and read my haiku and leave a comment. Thank you!

  2. Graceful says:

    Hey Robin,Thanks for your comment on my guest post at Katdish's blog yesterday! Michelle

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