Five Favorites Friday

It’s Friday and I thought I’d gather some favorites of the week:

5 Favorite Blogs in my Google Reader:
1- Leading Smart – it’s about leading, and about smartness
2- Extraordinary Ordinary – a young extraordinary ordinary mom writes from her heart
3- An Apple a Day – she does neat things, she finds swell things, and writes so beautifully I am often awed.
4- Lil Fish Studios – another creative young mom that is doing a great job
5- Phoenix Commotion – nobody is greener, recycles better, or is more inspirational to the home building business than these guys. Pictures are awesome and inspiring!

5 Twitter Favs: I like smartness, useful or thoughtful tweets. I don’t like chatter except I’m probably guilty…unless it’s amusing chatter, of which I am not guilty. Follow them!
1- @troylivesay
2- @RachelleGardner
3- @MichaelHyatt
4- @prodigaljohn
5- @makeuseof

5 Favorite Household Products:
1- Cascade Complete – Sparkling results in the dishwasher, no stains left and cleans dried on groady stuff.
2- Dawn dishwashing liquid – does dishes, also removes stains from the front of my clothes, just squirt on stain, then wash as usual.
3- Windex – used on cat urp on the floors, worked great. I’ve used Windex to clean horrible and dirty stuff. It’s got to be the brand though. Imitators don’t work the same.
4- Paper Towel (that comes with smaller perforated sections) – sometimes you just need a smaller section. Brilliant idea! Now if they’d just make it to quarter sections.
5- Golden Fleece scrubby things – for getting pots and dishes clean without scratching or making fingers feel strange.

5 TV Shows watched this week, not news:
1- 24 Sunday (what’s up with radiation guy in the restaurant closet?)
2- 24 Monday (iPhone blonde chickie-already tired of you.)
3- Martha Stewart (okay, I don’t usually watch this all the way through. I turn off when glitter gets anywhere close to a project.)
4- PBS cooking shows (this is what we fall asleep to so technically not actually watching, yet somehow more hopeful and peaceful than news or other random TV shows. I find myself dreaming in chocolate more often.)
5- Gray’s Anatomy/Private Practice (I know, two shows, but they really count as one.)

5 Surprising things learned/realized about Virigina, my new home state:
1- Few USPS mailboxes exist on public streets or in front of public buildings.
2- “Weather mix” is used intead of lengthier weather descriptions, such as mostly cloudy with a chance of sleet mixed with rain.
3- Few Starbucks have drive throughs. I’ve only seen ONE.
4- Nurseries are closed in the winter. You can’t buy plants except in places you shouldn’t buy plants.
5- There are no Taco Cabanas.


It should be noted that I have not recieved any financial compensation for mentioning any or all of these things, nor have I been promised blog credit or follow mentions from any of those more fortunate than me. It’s not that I wouldn’t be open to it though.

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Five Favorites Friday

  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    OMG – the "things about VA" part made me crack up laughing! I'm a transplanted Georgian. Glad to have your observations!

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