3 reasons to take a Technology fast

This is me. It was taken last year when my sister challenged us to create a birthday card for my dad. I love computers. I love technology. BUT…

I’m on a technology fast for some or all of the days this week. I have found myself spending hours and hours online, beyond sending resumes and doing research for my job search. I have an RSS feed from Craigslist into my Outlook so really I can read ads and send resumes in about 15 minutes, tops. Same with the other job sites I visit.

I have found myself spending too much time checking in on Facebook and Twitter. I love the connections I’ve made but really, they seem to be more in my imagination than reality. I doubt any of my Facebookies or Tweeps will even miss my quips, wisdom, or rants.

As far as personal communication, I no longer get a tremendous amount of e-mail. I just don’t. Clearly, I am so not important, unless you count the number of messages I get from Barnes and Nobel or Martha Stewart.

It makes sense to take the time I might wander about on my computer and on the Internet and put it to better use.

Bible reading & prayer – I’ve completed Genesis and am 10+ chapters into Exodus. Plagues are on my mind. My prayer focus this week is my husband. His stuff is his stuff so I won’t detail the whys, but he needs prayer. Also I’m called to pray for rescue workers/missionaries in Haiti.

Productivity – I’ve pulled out a bunch of unfinished projects and am finishing. As you’ve seen, I have a wonderful workspace for creativity. The goal is to have some items to sell on Etsy. News to come soon about that. I need to contribute to our income and this is a way I’ve been successful in a past life. My challenge and goal is to do this without spending money, or at least much. Pray for me, wish me luck.

Health – Sitting has it’s price. I need to move more. I’ve started doing some exercise. I have every hope to begin walking and building endurance so I can walk even more.

There you have it, my three main reasons to fast from technology. My goal is to check in and out in the morning as fast as possible, then shut down and get busy. I do intend on blogging as things come to my mind. But for now, I need to back away from the time flow black hole my computer provides.

Let me know if you have any tricks, or ideas, or management tips. I’d love to hear them.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update: I started my technology fast last Monday and did pretty well all week. If you’ve been around me at all online you probably noticed a nice respite from my comments, status updates, and the Twitter. I have to say my productivity on things I needed to get done HAS been much better. So I will be continuing my restriction from my computers, specifically the Internet and Social Media stuff.
Today in some “permitted” technology reading, I noticed that on Stuff Christians Like, Jonathan Acuff also suggested a “Digital Fast” so if you need reinforcement for the idea, go read what he has to say.
So I am sticking to my currrent rules – I check e-mail in the morning on my computer. I allow myself a quick click through my favorites but I count on my Google Reader to collect blog updates I care about. I read blogs on Saturdays, unless I’m sleepless. In cases of insomnia I read online stuff because it’s quiet, and because my laptop is warm and I like to be warm, especially in the middle of the night.
I’m not signing into my IM account either.
The other technology I’m fasting from is my PDA, so no e-mail checks, or texts, unless it involves a job.
Really the reason this is necessary is I got sloppy about being at home and not considering my job search as work, and my creative work as WORK. I need the discipline and the regular schedule and the accountability.
So, I’m praying the second week goes even better and is more productive!

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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