My favorite room

Above: This is my workroom, or studio if you want to be artsy la-ti-dah. It’s actually a rather large finished room in the basement of the house we are renting. This is just my half of the space. I’m standing in the ironing board area in front of the door that goes to the utility area where our washer and dryer are. That’s very handy for preshrinking fabrics, and babysitting laundry. That’s another story.

Above: This is the work area where I sew on my regular sewing machine, or, plunk down my laptop. The countertop is sitting on two low file cabinets so it’s actually the perfect height for sewing or working on my laptop. I have sewing supplies in the file drawers. The quilt on the wall was made by my sister. To the right and left of this area are my stacks and shelves of supplies. I like to keep things tidy so it really does look this nice most of the time. I can’t mentally or emotionally start the birth of a project unless I have a clean workspace. Is that OCD? Probably.

Above: This is the storage to the left of my work center. There’s a lot going on there, including projects in various stages. Left against the wall on top of the two file cabinets are my collection of tins etc. They all have particular things stored in them. Yes, I have friends sitting around, usually given to me by friends.

Above: Storage area to the right of the work center and a peek at my ironing area. Note ironing hanging. I hate to iron. That’s been there since I moved here.

Below: The cabinet my husband made for fabric storage. It has a cedar lining.

Above: This is my swell work table. It started life off as a science lab table in a school. There is an extension I can put up to make it longer. It’s up on blocks a bit to raise it to a more comfortable level, and so I can fit my old cedar chest underneath. Which by the way is on those cool slide things that really work! The tabletop currently holds stuff I am getting ready to ship. Just barely visible is the bookcase on the other side of the table against the wall. It has all my reference books, etc. My husband would want me to point out the new slippers he gave me for Christmas. They are very cushy.

Above: This is my awesome oak desk we got at an auction way back. It used to be a secretary’s desk and there is a drop section in the center where a typewriter would be attached and just pulled up for use, then dropped down for other work. I don’t use that part and it’s been removed. The desk is a booger to move so the decision to make my workroom on this level was easy. My husband made the cabinet to the right that matches. It houses a serger and is storage for misc supplies. My favorite part of the desk, are the pull out boards that extend work surface. I usually have a computer on this desk but there is a lack of electric in this room. In the entire basement, there are only three plugs. Seriously.

In this room, time falls away whether I’m writing, sewing, or working on financials and doing work homework. I am incredibly lucky and hope I will always have such a cool space. We plan on moving this year to make commutes better so with that in mind, I’ve kept things as easy to deal with as possible. I’ve had my own room in the last few homes we’ve had, but I’ve also had to hide things in plain sight and work in the midst of our living room/dining room in one house, and out of a closet in another. Creativity is a big part of what keeps me centered.

Do you have a room to run away to? Where you feel creative? Some folks have an exercise room, or a family room with a big TV and a Wii or other cool tech stuff. Whatever you have I hope you take time to do the stuff that makes you happy.



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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4 Responses to My favorite room

  1. This is a GREAT room. I adore that cedar lined cabinet. I hate to iron too. In fact, I only iron wool and paper, that's it. My husband thinks that I don't know how to iron. I do know how, but I'll never tell him that. 😀

  2. Tara Yost says:

    We leave in exactly 17 days! I can't believe how quickly this move has approached us.I love the workroom/creativity room in your house, btw. I love seeing where people create and find inspiration…or even create busywork for themselves. From the looks of it, I could hole myself up for days just from the looks of your yarn supply. :]

  3. greatsal says:

    I want to live with you. We could have a lot of fun and be creative together, plus, you're organized. You are so cool. I love you!

  4. lani says:

    that is an awesome space Robin! your hubby makes some beautiful cabinets!

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