$10 Challenge Ideas

Brainstorm with me…what are some ways to take $10 in cash or time and make someone feel blessed this Christmas season?

I have a hard time with this because I don’t necessarily want to be recognized or thanked for giving. Getting thanked or recognized is not a reason to give, certainly not unconditional since the expectation is a condition. It’s actually easier for me to think of anonymous ways to pass $10 on. Mostly because as a lifelong INTROVERT, I’d rather disappear into the woodwork.

My first choice for over and above giving would be to a church or a food pantry. They help a lot of people and need more help. In fact it’s very discouraging to work in a place that helps people and get to the bottom of the bucket and still have folks lined up that need help. So truly, think your church and your food pantry first. But okay, we have the $10 Challenge so here’s a little suggestion list:

Gift Cards:

  • $10 grocery store gift cards-hand them to anyone checking out in a grocery store, or when out and about, hand them to sweet people or anyone caught doing sweet things.
  • $10 phone cards-hand them to anyone in uniform.
  • $10 fast food certificates/booklets/gift cards-hand them to anyone who has kid


  • $10 Restaurant Fun – Any restaurant that has check out at the end of your meal is an opportunity, and mid day there are probably business folks and other stopping in.
  • $10 Haircut – Go to any barber or haircutting place and cheer someone up!
  • $10 Post Office – The post office is a great place to pass some unexpected cash on especially this time of year.

More than $10:

Utility companies have gotten savvy and actually have gift certificates available for folks to help others with their utilities. Check with your local utility. I know it’s possible in the ones I’ve checked.



About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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2 Responses to $10 Challenge Ideas

  1. Darcy says:

    To add to your Restaurant Fun category, leave your waiter/waitress an extra tip (considering they were polite and attentive.) Most are working the days leading up to Christmas and Christmas Eve because they need money and can't afford to take those days off to spend with their family. I've been there!

  2. Sarah Salter says:

    This was great, Robin! Thanks! I also love Darcy's idea! Merry Christmas and God Bless Y'all Every One!

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