A Song for Dad

Dad dear dad, now you’re fifty,
Half a century old.
You’ve made it through the hard and nifty,
With a lot of years to go.

The youngest years had many dreams,
From breaking bones, to drinking cream.
With your parents at the core,
You have a sister and brothers, four.

At the moment you met your heart throb,
You were standing at the bust stop.
She was pretty and quite curious,
And you knew this was serious.

On May seventh you were married,
Into the Air Force you were carried.
Robin’s birth came in Mobile,
Dan’s in Alaska was a big deal.

When your service time was through,
You put together beds with glue.
Mom gave birth to Mari then,
And you switched jobs again.

In Delavan where you were stationed,
The State Patrol became your vocation.
Along came Gail, kid number four,
Then surprise, John’s in the door.

You taught us how to pound and float,
And how to build wooden boats.
You sternly watched us come and go.
We all watched your hair grown.

Our growing years may have stretched you thin,
With concerts, braces, events we were in.
Fenders have been dented, Robin wed,
Dan’s moved away and the cat gets fed.

Amazing stories and jokes you tell,
Upon occasion you do yell?!
And always we children know,
Your love for us helps us grow.

Mom’s been patient, her love’s endured,
Odd hours, old trucks, and cow manure.
You and Mom hold us together;
We couldn’t love you better.

Now you’re a grandpa, you are fifty,
Katie hugs you, and that is nifty.
This story’s long and worth being told,
Dad dear Dad, YOU’RE NOT SO OLD!!!!!!!

Robin, February 18, 1979


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to A Song for Dad

  1. Robin Arnold says:

    This was written in celebration of Dad's 50th birthday. I actually typed it on my typewriter!

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