A fast look forward!

April 30 – Flew out & interviewed at a church in Virginia
May 1 – Flew home
May 4 – Was offered the job – prayed, prayed, prayed.
May 8 – Accepted offer, gave 2 weeks notice at my San Antonio Texas church, my job home since 2000.
May 10 – Of 23,000 properties available to rent, I picked 1 and contacted the realtor. The house is owned by a church in Woodbridge VA.
May 12 –  Enlisted the aid of Pastors and the house is ours so we plan to move in 2 phases.  Packing & move planning begins.
May 20 – Goodbye reception at my work church – wonderful group of members, friends, and staff. Love these folks and learned so much from them.
May 22 – Last day of work. Finish packing truck
May 23 – Bob & I leave early in the morning in a 16 ft Penske truck on the road for Virigina in Phase 1 move.
May 25 – Arrive in Woodbridge. Kate meets us along with a crew of Trustees finishing up the fixes in the house. Awesome!
May 26 – First day of Work
May 26-29 Intense training with retiring Administrator after 23 years! She is amazing!
May 28 – Bob flies back to San Antonio.
June 1 – On my own, at the helm of this amazing new church.
June 1 – Bob has phone interview.
June 18 – Bob flies to VA
June 19 – Bob interviews at Ayrshire Farms
June 23 – Bob offered job and accepts
June 29 – Last day of work for Bob
July 3 – Bob with Boomer and friend Fred leave in 22 ft Penski truck for VA in Phase 2 move
July 5 – Arrive in Woodbridge! Unloading begins.
July 8 – First day of work for Bob at Ayrshire Farms.
July to date- we are unpacked mostly. We await the sale of our house in San Antonio.
Oct 15 – I resign from my cool new job. I am not a match for the congregation or the staff. The job is not as expected.
Oct 26 – Bob falls at work, shatters his right heel. Plan is to be bandaged and on crutches for 12 weeks.
November – I participate in National Novel Writing Month for the first time, which is good, because I’m driving Bob to work, then I go to a library to write. Didn’t make 50,000 words, but close.
January 1 – New Year, new resolutions!
January 26 – Closing on our San Antonio house, under asking price, but S O L D.
February – We start to talk about buying a house, we look online, I take trips to view from the curb.
March – We connect with a realtor and officially begin looking. Our rental lease is up June 1.
April – We get passed to a more local realtor since the area we are looking in is nearly 2 hours away.
April 3 – I spot a new listing for a house, that fits all criteria. Kate & John, Bob & I go look. We make an offer.
May 21 – Closing on house in Stephens City VA. Yay!
May 22 – We move in to our new house. Together this year!
June – Despite interviewing and sending out resumes, still no new job. I decide to focus on working at home.
July-September – We focus on repairs and fixes we planned to take care of following our inspection. While remodeled, some of the main mechanicals are tired and were not redone. Boomer settles in. He easily adjusts and is an in & out cat.
September – My work at home clients number 3 now. I have nearly full time work to do at home.
God has blessed us with each step. We are closer to where Kate & John will be. We love our new state – it’s breathtaking! Life is pretty good!

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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