New is swell

Okay, I admit it, I coveted. Not just a little, I coveted a lot.
My friend Bruce took me for a ride all the way to Olive Garden in his new shiny black car with just the right amount of sporty trim and practical luggage rack. It was swell. The squeak of leather seats under my big fine self, just the proper height to hoist and slide into, and the promise for a rockin’ blast from a sound system great enough to drownd out one’s own voice! Oooo the console is all official looking and the buttons tempting…even GPS so now Bruce can take multi tasking to the next level and I think I read something about a backup camera…imagine that?! AND, get this, DVD player. Isn’t the modern world excessively amazing?
Then there was the back seats and room for a crowd, not that I would ever haul a crowd but there have been times…I always check for enough room to get 12 bags of compost, a load of perennials, and space enough to load up shovels, pole pruners, or a machete or two and at least 5 good sized rocks in case I get called out on an emergency landscape job. Think I am kidding? Okay so it’s much more likely kids are going to get hauled in that wayback–that’s what my family calls that third row seat–or a load of music stuff since it’s the car of a very talented man. I had to put my hands in my pockets when I looked at all that cargo room. From the back it’s a really swell car too.
Since it’s a big car I assume it’s got some get up and go…not that Bruce needs get up and go…again, it’s the promise that if one wanted to go, one would have no trouble going…whilst playing some Israel, windows down, shades on, and wide open road ahead. (Gee, I hope it has cruise control, he didn’t mention cruise control.) Did I mention it’s a really swell car? And as you might imagine, he looks really swell behind the wheel too in an uncharacteristic way. It’s not his nature or often spoken desire to have a new car but circumstances made it necessary and possible. I take delight in the whole idea because he deserves something swell and he does need to get places every day.
Anyway, I’ve been thinking, and itching for something new. Mind, you, I am getting a new pastorboss so the hope for new is in the air. But having something new that is tangible and real is such a great boost isn’t it? So, I went shopping. I bought 2 new dustpans for the new youthspace, then I picked up 7 new hymnals for the confirmands. Stop laughing. I know I shouldn’t have expected that would do the trick. So I went and tried to be interested in something practical for the house at Bed Bath and Beyond. No such luck. On to Hancock Fabrics and no luck there either. I tried for new shoes but should have started that project earlier in the day…my feet swell by 2. Then I thought today would be the day I found the perfect red bag I have been hoping for. But nope, no new stuff for me today.
Well, I did sit on a bench in a pretty garden area. That was new. I imagined the garden transported to my house and my hip started to hurt so I decided to pray instead. Praying outside on such pretty day was really the best use of my time. I practically got over my covetess thoughts….then I prayed for my friends….and got to the friend with the new car and was awash in envy again, practically smelling the leather right then and there. Forgive me Lord, I prayed. Text your friends, He said. So I did. I hope they were out and about enjoying the great day and laughing and singing a happy tune together.
I confessed my envy to my husband and he asked me why I’d want a new car. For me the real reason is because new cars are shiny and they have 4 matching wheel covers. So sweet man that he is, he washed my car and started looking for a new set of wheel covers for me. And, I think he even is thinking about a tune-up! So something good can come from envy.
I’d still like something new. Maybe new shoes are the better idea.

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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