The Lord surrounded me with people today and I am grateful. They all had a piece to a situation puzzle that I have been struggling with. I have been overwhelmed. I have been praying and He must have figured today was a good day to surround me in answers. I am pleased, touched, humbled, and in awe of how perfectly each person came through my day.
Darryl Lyons at PAX Financial Group helped me understand in 30 minutes what I have been trying for months to get.
Sid Underwood came through on information promised to help our newsletter and pastors be accurate.
Greg walked into my office to hug me and tell me I am wonderful. I haven’t felt wonderful in a long time, but hearing it from him made me a little hopeful.
Tara managed Friday stuff effortlessly. I just like watching her work. I marvel at her standing in my doorway as she asks for more to do.
Darcy, our princess today, went home to rest up. She’ll be attending a workshop for work tomorrow. She is so willing and open. I marvel at her too.
Tom took care of something delegated to him despite having stayed up a significant part of the night with his dad. I appreciate the grace lessons.
Francie Reese came to visit and shared her expertise and took on some responsibility…freeing me a bit as sharing a burden always does.
Brian Ferguson stopped by too, at the same time, and now we are on the same page and in forward motion.
Lawrence Mathis came to see me BEFORE jumping on something…making me feel honored and a bit respected.
Rafael jumped in as he always so willing to do, and he took on extra stuff so I could get going.
Mari Mena shared her brain cells with me and poured me full of good information enough to make decisions…that have been weighing me down!
Bruce Hammond was my smart friend today, coaching, questioning, talking, and listening. His sense and presence was exactly what I needed.
Sweet Lord, thank YOU!

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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