Our Garage

First look at the pictures in my Garage Stuff album.
Our garage serves as my husband’s workshop. He builds stuff. Nice stuff. Very swell stuff in fact, from wood. He fixes stuff too and is a very handy guy. Our garage is also his sanctuary, his getaway, his reading room, and his smoking lounge (reminder to self, write about smoking, a disgusting habit). The garage is attached to the house and being our first house with an attached garage, and being a family with 2 cars, one of them purchased new, the garage rule was the new car, mine, needs to fit in the garage should the desire or weather demand it. So, my car has always been able to fit in the garage more or less, except when a project was taking up the room…always excusable.
Enter my father and mother who come to Texas for the winter or January-March and stay in their own ranchito apartment. Their complex is large with multiple dumpsters for tenants to use and of course since it’s an apartment complex, people are constantly moving out and in and throwing stuff away just to get rid of it. Judging from the lack of pickup trucks in the parking lot, throwing stuff away is the most likely way to get rid of stuff. Admittedly, some stuff is new and in good shape so one wonders why it is being thown away. And my father can’t resist saving it. He has lived a resourceful life and really can’t seem to help himself. He dumpster dives and three months of stuff has ended up in our garage! My car definitely won’t fit in the garage.
Poor Bob. His workshop has disappeared under piles of stuff from the dumpsters. My father, bless his heart, felt like he was helping us….helping us….I guess in case we were going to have a rummage sale…or in case we needed some extra stuff. And just for the record, we do have stuff saved for a rummage sale. It’s up in the attic over the garage, but there isn’t anywhere to put it to bring it down. There is really no way to get to the attic opening because of the piles of stuff!
So confession: we are getting rid of the stuff. It’s going to Goodwill. The broken stuff is getting thrown out. My husband needs his workshop back.
Several years ago, but especially in the last year, Bob and I both decided downsizing was a good idea. The burden of being collectors of stuff was just getting to us. And, our lives and interests have changed. I used to go shopping for entertainment I guess. And having worked in stores, buying stuff was always a way of life, part of the daily ebb and flow. I think different stages of life mean different consumer habits too. I confess to a stage of life where decorating for seasons was how I spent a lot of time and money. Now I look at a closet full of Christmas and other decorations and I plan how to release them back into the world for someone else to enjoy.
We also have a goal to move closer to our daughter and son-in-law, perhaps being a bit more mobile and able to live tighter and smaller. I have actually gotten to the point where my stuff, our stuff, any stuff, truly feels like a heavy weight. I also have a need for order. I might even be a little obsessed about order. So it has taken a lot of work to walk through our garage in the last few months because it has someone else’s cast off stuff in it, and it’s got no order. It needs to go. I am sure whoever ends up with this stuff will make good use of it. It’s not doing anyone any good in our garage.
My husband is getting his workshop back, and my car just might fit in the garage again. Downsizing is a needed thing.

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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2 Responses to Our Garage

  1. Sally says:

    So, when you’re finished cleaning out your garage, can I get you to come help me do mine???  It looks as bad or worse than yours…..sort of like Karen and Bruce’s garage, although Bruce has done a fairly nice job getting his in order.  I haven’t seen it recently, so I don’t know if his kids or wife have succeeded in wrecking it again!  As for my garage, I have no one to blame but myself!  I’m just a clutterbugging packrat…you’d think I grew up in the depression or something!  And like you used to be, I’m a shopper…..need I say more?

  2. Bruce says:

    When I saw your garage picture I had to say "oh my."

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