Dump Friday

Take 2 days off and what happens? Stuff gets dumped into Friday that shouldn’t be there. Stuff got dumped into my Friday that requires a better set of brain cells, certainly access to bigger brain cells—WHO by the way are in Friday mode so aren’t likely to be useful or accessible—and, for heaven’s sake, a way better attitude was needed! I should not be leaving the kind of stuff I left to do go until Friday!!
Here’s what I learned about staying home 2 days this week, the main cause of my Dump Friday. It’s boring. Everything I could think of to do was ordinary and took 3 minutes. I feel like a kid who says, "I’ve got nothing to do." I’ll never get aggrevated by that line again. TV is boring. I can’t believe I used to spend time caught up in the daily soaps and talk shows, Oprah to name one. (Frankly she looks like she needs a good vacation.)  As far as the weather goes, rain is cold in January, and whatever good gardener genes I thought I had are actually from the woman who is parked for the winter about 3 miles away in a cute little apartment, safe and sound from winter. She’s not even thinking about gardening, here or at home in Wisconsin.
The other thing I learned about staying home is there isn’t anyone home to take care of you. 
No pots of endless coffee. No toilet paper stacked so you don’t run out. No one to answer the phone and take messages. No grilled ruben on rye wrapped in white paper with a frilly toothpick. And certainly no one to put your piles in neat stacks!
I didn’t have enough fun to justify the dump to Friday that took place. Yeah, I know, fun isn’t the only measurement.
I did spend some time with some smart people having good discussion in which I may have contributed a reasonable thought or two. That’s always a good thing.
I also spent time watching my friend do his job and to my utter amusement things are NOT greener on the other side of the bigger fancier North side fence. It looks like he has to rock ‘n’ roll from the minute he walks in the door. He’s always fun to watch, as anyone is who is good at what they do in an effortless beautiful way. I used to work with him so I confess to points of regret poking at me from time to time and an if only or two always tries to rise up. But, things are different, I am different. I ended up feeling lucky for my A team holding down the fort so I could be off. I ended up feeling grateful for things just the way they are.
A body at rest, stays at rest…but the stuff you leave whilst resting doesn’t necessarily rest itself. I put stuff off to Friday and that stuff created other stuff until it imploded on itself and became the dump site for random things. Today was the day after a big meeting so files and packets were left on my desk. A near full week of mail was stacked. A file cabinet was brought to my office which meant a closet needed to be cleared. Computers in cardboard boxes line my office and make it rather warehouse like and the new server hums quietly but big and black on my desk…her wires laying like spider legs across the glass top. There are boxes of files, boxes of partial projects, and the boxes of parts for things too valuable to put just anywhere. These are the things of diversionary focus away from the real work piled up—work required by the January 31 deadline…you know the work!
Did I mention the computer problems of Dump Friday? Let’s just say operator error mixed with a little crash angst, possibly a little malfunction, and it was clearly time to remove myself and go home to my husband’s pot pie and my warm bed.
The trick to a Dump Friday is to discern what is important and try not to freak out about the rest, but, I did have an all out freak out late this afternoon and it’s going to take the only thing I know to do to get over it. I am off to bed now, and I’ll start the day afresh in the morning, Lord willing.

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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2 Responses to Dump Friday

  1. Bruce says:

    I’m horrified that files and packets were left on your desk! Well, I never!

  2. Robin says:

    I try to pretend I am you from time to time but I work with some neat freaks. It’s pretty unusual I don’t leave a clean desk when I leave but Thursday night I just did a dump and run like the old days. There weren’t just handfuls but armloads at a time that were dumped on my desk Thursday. Remember what 3 days of mail can look like? Once, when the chair of Finance came and sat across my desk, he swept his arm as if to clear space and shove stuff aside. I didn’t even flinch. The fact he just re-landscaped several hours of work didn’t phase me. Mostly because I didn’t actually have a clue what he may have rearranged. Here’s a different concept for you…I let an assistant help me. Yup. Aren’t you proud?

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