Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit New Year

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit…a little brain/memory game to play…to remember to say rabbit three times on the first day of the month to the first person you see. Old school rabbit rabbit rabbit folks say it brings good luck for the month. And, I think there is probably some extra points for remembering to say it on the first day of the year. We picked this rabbit habit up when we lived in Milwaukee. We have passed this silly fun on to our family and friends and taken it to California and now Texas. Sometimes we run into folks who know all about rabbit X 3. My family has a bit of a race to see who can say it first in the family e-mail. I’ve gone so far as to wait up until midnight then click send…before finding out you can time a message send and don’t actually have to be up! Mostly it’s just something to do because you can.
Was saying rabbit rabbit rabbit to the first person you see on a the first day of the month a resolution? Maybe? You have to make a decision this will happen. Then practice and remember to follow through. I guess if you are the type to believe in luck, the measurement of its success is analyzing your luck over the month. You probably also have to have a clear definition of luck. Is staying well lucky? Is finding cash in your pants pocket lucky? Is finding something you thought you lost lucky?
What does the dictionary say about Luck? In my world, it’s not so much about luck as maybe more about Blessing. Is that right? The logical side of me wants to point out those things above are cause and effect.
  • Take care of yourself so you stay healthier
  • Put stuff away so you find it where it is supposed to be

So it’s simple, make a resolution to take care of yourself and put stuff away! Keeping yourself centered and steeped in prayer really comes first, along with some discipline.


Bob and I had a discussion about resolutions and he told me about the Sunday sermon Dec 30 Scott Austin Message. Scott suggested we often get caught up in making resolutions all about us, making ourselves better—lose weight, be organized, read more, remember to say rabbit x 3, etc, when really our resolutions should be about others. "How can I make other people better this year?" Scott challenged folks to ask themselves that question. Become better, then pour yourself into someone else to help them be better he suggested. Use your God given gifts he said. (Scripture reference Ephesians 4:11-15)
So my mind jumped—that’s a lot of work! How do I have time for that? Oy! Doesn’t Scott know it IS all about me??
This morning in prayer it came to me along with something a bible study leader said that impacted me…that, you never know who is watching and who is taking your example, and, the word intention. My act of intentionally being better at something, doing something better, and praying specifically, will impact others. I need to take that first baby step and become better so I can pour myself into someone else to help them be better. And use what I think are ordinary gifts and talents to help someone else? Maybe even someone who needs help getting their office organized.
So that changes my resolutions for 2008 a bit I think. After more prayer, maybe a nice breakfast, maybe I’ll make some bolder intentional resolutions that will have more impact than rabbit rabbit rabbit on the first day of the year!

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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