Sunday night prayer

Father God,

Thank you for the beautiful end to this year. The crisp sunny day and the broad blue sky was amazing and surrounded us as we gathered to Worship You today. I was reminded of some song lyrics that speak of seeing the same sky through brown eyes that another sees through blue eyes….and seeing the same sky here in San Antonio that Kate sees in Cambridge…we are in this awesome world of yours, worlds apart, but you melt away distance as Your gifts in each day touch my heart and soul. I am blessed and grateful Lord to be here. I am blessed and grateful for such a beautiful daughter and son-in-law who are really just a couple clicks away right now…I am blessed and grateful to be in this world with work to do that fills me, feeds me, challenges me, and helps support my family!
So together in Worship this morning your servant Dan, stood together with collegues, friends, family, and those of us he touches with his gift for ministry. Thank you Father God for bringing that circle of folks tight around him as he knelt before You and we dedicated his work to You. I felt your presence as we laid our hands on him as we prayed. As we laid hands on shoulders in the circle around Dan, we felt You there. We prayed a hedge of protection around him and his family and his coworkers that serve the community, and now tonight in this prayer, I ask that You please protect and guide him Lord. We prayed for the insight and faith it took in his hiring…Dan admitted he was the least qualified but having handed the decision over to You, Dan knows you will equip him! Praise you Lord! Bless this man!
So in those moments Lord this morning, I was grateful for my own calling, and I wanted to say thank you Lord. Thank you for equipping me for my work every step of the way, every day. Lord I ask that you continue to guide me and help me be wise when I need wisdom, strength to be strong, calm to be quiet, and fearless to learn the things I need to learn. Lord I ask you to bless my friends, Dan and his family, and those who know and love Dan too. Help us be a strong chain of prayer and support for him as we stand together under your broad blue sky, and I pray these things in the name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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