Lessons from last year

Last year, my best friend and boss resigned from our church world. I knew it was coming and if you would have asked me this time last year I would have told you, and maybe I did tell you, I was leaving soon too. The good news was he didn’t resign from our friendship. We had a difficult situation and it was straining everyone. I spent evenings regaling my sweet husband of the daily trials. His eyes would glaze at times. He was also the voice of reason, sanity, and common sense. He encouraged me and supported me the way good husbands do.

Transitions can be difficult and when leadership is at question things got a bit scattered. As I usually do, I took it upon myself to hold things together. To be the strong one. To keep things moving forward. This sounds noble but it was self preservation. I was bound and determined we would have a new boss to run the show who was at least as awesome as my friendboss. Oh, it wasn’t all sweetness and light but I learned something new everyday with him. He set a high bar and challenged me. There is something swell about being challenged isn’t there?

We replaced my friendboss with a man who had problems. It wasn’t a match. He was let go at the 30 day mark. Then we replaced him with a woman who had problems. It wasn’t a match. She was let go at the 6 month mark. It’s not that you can’t have probelms and do the job. But in our world, you do have a different standard some problems just don’t fit into.

Anyway, each of them showed me something the Lord was trying to tell me. I learned credentials aren’t everything…because the man with the problems had lots of credentials. I learned youth isn’t everything from the woman with problems…because she was young, pretty, but had plenty of problems, so many, mine seemed tidy and manageable. The Lord told me I was ready so I formally tossed my hat into the ring and in September I found myself a boss of everything.

So all of the past years and challenges have prepared me to do my new job. Even my standing as oldest child helped prepare me. Because as it turns out, a lot of the new job requires a certain oldest child bossiness and fortitude.

I guess my biggest lessons are to pray and be grateful. To value friendship and look for the things to learn in nearly every thing. “It’s all good,” the hip folks say. And it is.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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