Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s my father’s birthday today. He was born on this day in 1929, in Kenosha Wisconsin. My dad can be described many ways. There’s the obvious physical description…a tall man, full head of gray hair, a face with plenty of handsome character—but that winces far too often as his knees bend, or don’t bend.

He’s a retired Wisconsin State Trooper so there’s the life of regimentation that affects his attitude about most things…clearly a sense of right and wrong permeates everything. However, perhaps because of that, he has trickster tendencies. He can’t resist a bargain or bargaining, a sneaky thing or figuring out a sneaky thing is fun for him, and laughing is a real event with my dad!

I don’t think I could point to my dad as particularily spiritual. Probably the opposite is so but that is an assumption I had made. My earliest memory of my father, my life in general, was standing on the front porch of our house in Kenosha, holding my dad’s finger and getting ready to walk to church, a Lutheran church. My Catholic mom, bless her heart, would not allow it. They had “words” and we stayed home. My early church years were to be Catholic and were.

My dad went to church occasionally, for baptisms, First Communions, weddings, and the like. Much later he went along curious and willingly to a mariachi mass here in San Antonio. In fact, he danced with my mother in a special tribute to marriage at Mission San Jose. Proud as punch my parents stood with all their children in my home church in Delavan Wisconsin in celebration of their 50th anniversary, complete with greeting from the Pope!

But I can’t say church is a regular part of my father’s life and schedule. I think it’s probably something I have worried about, his salvation, is he saved? If his friend Andy and Maria have anything to say about it, and if he lets them in, I am sure he will be! (I’ll have to make more effort to be sure too!)

Recently, it came as a surprise to me, that he has been thinking about his end, leaving well, in fact, planning what we might need to hear when he leaves us. He brought a book of poetry with page 16 marked. It goes like this…

The Master Plan
by Eldon Roushey

Oh the wind is in the east
And the snow is in the sky
And oft times I’m weak and weary
And I often wonder why

But in life there is a reason
why storm clouds dim the eye
And oft times I’m weak and weary
And I often wonder why

But we know there is a pattern
With colors of bright gold
And soon we’ll know the reason
When the Master’s Plan unfolds

Oh now it is so simple
Oh if only I could trust
For the Master’s hand unfolds it
All it has is love for us!

My dad met the poet on a trip once. He exchanged a handmade walking stick for a book of poems from Mr. Roushey. This one is very sweet and it’s selection means to me my Dad very clearly recognizes the Master’s hand in his life. I pray the selection of this poem was made far too early and we won’t need it for many years. I feel especially gifted by my father, and my Father on this special day.

Each day in my work at church I have the opportunity to work in service to the Lord, offering my gifts and talents as a testament to His blessings. Thanks to both of my fathers, I am especially blessed with work ethic, authority, strength, and humor. We work our whole lives to end well, to go be with Jesus, to enjoy the Master’s Plan. It is especially awesome to be able to understand and celebrate it every day.


About Robin Arnold

Reader, writer, gardener, geek, maker of homes in several states, now settled in Virginia with husband Bob, and Hazel and Wilson the tabby cats.
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One Response to Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. malimke says:

    what a lovely tribute to your dad.I tired Blogging a while back but bored even myself so, I gave it up.

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