I’m a quitter…

It’s taken me a while to talk about this…I quit my job of the last few years here in Virginia back in May. You just really have no idea how agonizing this decision was, but let me tell you, it was not without careful thought about the consequences, and plenty of prayer. I went from a full time benefited position with nice fully paid health coverage to two part time jobs, no benefits, and far less total income. What kind of crazy person does this??


I returned to my non profit admin roots and and I’m back in atmospheres where my work and experience is appreciated, where I feel at home, challenged, yet always encouraged. I get to support people who are on a mission on a daily basis. And, I get to work in beautiful historic surroundings. This is blue sky income I very appreciate.

To be fair, I took the first job for the wrong reasons and in an area that is not my giftedness no matter how I tried to make it so. And I did try to make it so, make it into a job I could love. But that’s not the same thing as the job they wanted done. The difference grew until it exhausted me on a daily basis. A decision needed to be made.

Some time ago my best friend advised me that sometimes the Lord answers your prayer by making you uncomfortable, so uncomfortable a decision to move on is easier to make. I believe that is what happened to me. Once the decision was made, doors of opportunity were flung wide and things fell into place so seamlessly I knew it was God’s plan.

Practically speaking, there are financial concerns but I’ve also put this in God’s hands. I could obsess and try to take it back but I’ve handed it over to the Lord and we’ll be fine. I really believe that. I could stew on regrets and the act of quitting but I believe I’m where the Lord needs me. The peace and happiness I feel is proof of that.

I work mornings at a Methodist church and afternoons at the Arboretum of Virginia. Below is a picture taken at my afternoon job. It’s the vehicle of someone I work with (a PhD) who has these flowers sprouted from bird seed growing right out of the bed of his truck. This says volumes and just makes me happy to be there. I’m not thinking of myself as a quitter anymore but someone who’s opened another door to bloom where I’m planted.


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Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the Women in My Life

Blessed Mother Teresa

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women in my life. I admire every single one of you! Thank you for doing the job you do with the children around you. Whether you gave birth or not, there are children watching and learning what it means to be a awesomesauce woman of the planet. Mother Teresa, never gave birth yet her life and wisdom is for the ages.








Thank you Mother Teresa. Happy Mother’s Day! But especially happy Mother’s Day to my sisters and sister-in-laws who are so dear, and to my own Mother who raised us to recognize terrific mothering when we see it!! 





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